My thoughts for the day

Life. It’s an incredible journey if we allow it to be so. There is so much negative in this world. Instead of letting it kick our aces, we have to learn to muck through it all and be grateful for our own crappy parts we are dealt. Things can always be worse.

I have a problem at times remembering this. Then, I look around myself and realize how good things are.

I am a mother to 9 awesome kids. Not one of them did I bring to this earth myself.  Oh how beautiful and wonderful they are! Of course they all have their baggage and it shows at times.

The other day my 13 yr.old daughter came home explaining how she didn’t know that dancing in the rain could be so much fun. I termed that as an epic moment.  We need to slow down and see things more like little children. The world would indeed be a better place.

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