Coffee thoughts for Sunday

Sunday mornings I sit and ponder the things from the previous week. This past week I have been all over the board. I have had some low spots and some high. I have ranted and carried on, I have been triggered by things that only I can control and allow. I realized this morning, that I am good at being positive and giving advice. However, I suck at listening to myself. I am sharing my facebook post from this morning. Maybe I will get it through my thick skull.  🙂

Life is a journey and we choose our own paths. I don’t think we even choose consciously. It is my own opinion and belief that we make choices and take paths that help us become who we need to be. I have been down some pretty rough road in my day and still seem to find the rough ones at times. Each of those bumps I and potholes I nail, teach me more about myself and who I want to be and become. At 46, I could easily get “set in my ways” however, I refuse to.
I refuse to let anything or anyone dictate my happiness and growth. That’s not to say I don’t have down days and I don’t get frustrated and want to kick my own ace. I do however, try to see the positive in every negative, I try to be empathetic and compassionate. I also rant and rave and speak out against things I feel are wrong and fight for what I believe is right. I don’t try to be anyone but me and because of all the things I have chosen to do and paths I have taken, I have come to appreciate and be good with all that I have become. Good, bad and ugly sides. I find that without even trying I continue to learn and grow everyday.
It’s never too late for anything. Keep trying. Keep smiling. Learn from mistakes and move on. After all, you could have someone else’s life. Grab life by the hand and make it yours!


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