Todays rant

With all of the negative going on in this world I feel inclined to go off a little today.

We are totally regressing as human beings. All that has happened generations before us are behind us. We have lived learned and progressed. There is good and bad in everything. I don’t understand why some people want to keep the fight going. How many of my friends realize that we the whites were slaves to blacks long before the slavery we teach our kids about? Probably not a lot of you. Do you even care? I don’t its the past. We should be caring about each other regardless of race or color. At this point, I personally do speak out about ISIS and other groups such as the KKK because we are supposed to be a humane race of people and I am seeing less and less humanity. We are indeed our own worst enemy and example to our children. Who are our future. Look at what we are doing. What we are regressing to. Instead of a better future, I see nothing but destruction of ourselves. It doesn’t have to be like this.

We have a President who is a not only attempting to take away a lot of our freedom and choice because of his own fucked beliefs, but is helping destroy everything we have fought for.

Our veterans who served and protected us without regard to their own lives, going without medical treatment and housing and mental health help.

Our national budget is out of control yet we never lack funds to bail out other countries. What about our own neighborhood?!  In our state, 1 in 5 kids go bed hungry at night. The only meal they have is their school lunch. As long as a kid is living in a car in our state, they are technically not homeless.

I am just disgusted by our government in general. I cannot blame them for all of our issues, however, we are destroying ourselves with their help.

What has happened to helping each other? Showing compassion and standing up for what’s right?


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