The Beauty In Me

As I sit here today with a million and one thoughts running through my crazy head, something occurred to me. Like most people I am my own worst enemy.  OK, so this isn’t really any news however, it made me stop and think of all the beautiful people in this life that don’t see themselves for their real worth.

We are surrounded by an arrogant, narcissistic society that dictates how we accept things and people. We are told how to dress, act and behave to be accepted into society.

I guess I am a rebel. I refuse to follow what society says we should be like. I don’t care what others think of me, my actions, my dress or my beliefs. There needs to be a lot more people like this my friends. 

Do you look around and see the beautiful person hidden bebeath their scarred, twisted and torn bodies? Do you see the beauty in the child that has downs syndrome or autism?  Do you see the beauty and strength and courage in a homeless person?  No. It’s not accepted by society to see past any of that.

We take stock in our looks, how much we make, the car we drive, what neighborhood we live in and how we are accepted by others. Beauty and worth is so not related to any of these things yet our children will tell you in their schools those are the things that make you part of the”in crowd” or you are cast out into the world by yourself to muck your way with the rest of the losers.

The most brilliant, beautiful,  intelligent people are not what society see as socially acceptable. Since when has it become our job to judge?  How many of you realize that your whole world could change in an instant? Do you even care? Nope. Instead we spend our time trying to keep up with the Jones family or the latest magazines. 

It’s time to start being leaders instead of following vain, ignorant people. There is so much to every persons story. So much beauty under all the dirt.  

Look around you…

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