There are subjects in life we like to avoid. Why? Because we fear what we don’t know or understand. things like autism, mental health issues, suicide, bullying, homosexuality, the list goes on. Instead of fearing these things people ought to learn about them before they are forced to learn about it. 

    Lets talk about a very sensitive subject Homosexuality and the LGBT community. All of this talk going on about how businesses have the right to refuse service because of their own  their own religious beliefs etc. I call BULLSHIT. Here is why.

As human beings we are entitled to our own thoughts, opinions and freedom of speech I don’t disagree with that. However, we are also business owners and have a non profit organization. When people come to our establishments, we don’t question their beliefs, race or sexuality. We treat each person with respect and dignity just as we want to be treated.

  Question? When a person works and earns their paycheck and are supporting themselves and their families why is it anyone’s business what they do in their personal life? At  our establishments their money has the same value as any other persons because it all comes from the bank. Gay people aren’t paid with different bills and different amounts. they don’t have their own special brand of money. 

Just as we have freedom of speech and religion and the right to bear arms, we do not have the right to determine who another person chooses as their soul mate. We may not agree with it, but its not really our business. We have many religions here. Different cultures. We are the country everyone wants to be in because of how we chose to accept everyone. How does being part of the LGBT community make that any different?

They work just like most of us. Pay their bills the same. They are not contagious. they are some of the most caring, brilliant people on this earth. The just don’t fit what society says should be normal. Don’t we teach our kids to be anything they want when they grow up? We teach them to be themselves. In the end, all we have worked to teach our children becomes irrelevant because society says we have to keep up with the Jones family. Dress a certain way, live certain ways. What is the problem here?

Like so many others, I believe in a higher power. I believe we are pre destined to live and learn in our lives the way it all falls before us. We are all different. We live and learn and Love differently. Why separate the LGBT community? I say its another form of segregation just as we have had between whites and blacks for all those years. Why do we chose to alienate people? We all want the same things in this life. We want validation, acceptance and unconditional love. Its not rocket science.

We are trying to be better than our ancestors. Fighting to end racism and prejudice as far as color. Why not throw in the fight to end stigma and fear of those who belong to the LGBT community?  I will continue to stand for them and their rights. They are no different than me or you. Period.

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