Still a Mans World?

Recently, I read an article about a person who was such an arrogant p.o.s they had the balls to outwardly say that this is a mans world and women should stay in their place. Wrong thing to say.

The days of women only being good to cook, clean, reproduce and service men are long gone. Where the f*** this guy gets his information is beyond me but he is supposedly a well educated man. My own opinion is he must have graduated at the university of narcissistic pigs and modern day assholes.

Women still make only .77 per every dollar men make. Why is that? We have to pay the same amount of money to attend college. We pay the same for groceries, daycare,medical expenses and rent. To add to our list of things to do, some men seem to think that not only we should bring home a paycheck to help make ends meet but we are also supposed to cook, clean and raise the family. There are men who face the same situations however, the general consensus among majority of men is still that they are above women in some way. What a thinking error.

In our home, the boys are taught that they need to cook and clean and our girls are taught they can do anything a boy can do. It’s called equality. Domestic violence, rape, abuse and belittling of another is not accepted. Our kids are also taught that there is no difference in ” normal people” and the LGBT community, race, color or background.Our girls are taught that if you hit a boy, you better expect to get hit back. For hell sake this 2015 not 1815.

The gentleman who openly spoke those words is a public figure. I hope that his sons are raised by a mother who can teach them the appropriate way to become  kind loving men, husbands and fathers.

3 responses to “Still a Mans World?”

  1. Sadly, It’s an ongoing battle.


  2. That’s disturbing…. People are ignorant.


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