Sarcastic Sadi

Politics 2016 There is no lesser of the evils

Where politics are concerned this election year there is no good choice. Hilary Clinton is indeed a person who should be tried for her actions.

 Donald Trump should be as well. Clinton is caught up in a mess she created. Trump is a womanizing tax evading piece of work. The only difference between them overall is Trump has never been in politics. 

Clinton has been in political game for a long time therefore has learned that anyone can be bought or sold. It’s an open market. Clinton aided in the destruction of a young life by thinking that it was ok to let a young girl be made to feel like less than nothing. She was part in allowing this young girls attacker set free. In fact, she openly laughed and persecuted a child. Disgusting.

 Then we have Trump. A predjudice womanizing jerk who now has over twenty women that have stepped up to speak out against him. He has openly gotten away with sexual misconduct at many levels. Disgraceful. 

Clinton has committed crimes against our government policies that I would be locked up for and burnt at the stake. Trump has publicly made racist comments and evaded taxes for many years. I’d also be in jail for those same actions. 

What do we do about this? 

I don’t know but I will not be voting. Our core values and beliefs and government system along with our judicial system have become a joke. Our forefathers would roll over sideways if they knew what we have turned into. Our amendments and rights to live in a peaceful, equal environment have been turned into a corrupt, power driven, deceitful set of double standards that have been set aside only to be looked at. As a society, we have allowed and justified such crap in our own world now we can’t get out. What kind of future do our children have to look forward to? Does it bother anyone else the messages our children are receiving from all of the this? How are our children supposed to take care of the future when it’s so crooked, wrong and unclear of what is truly right and wrong? Look at what we have become. Look at our options for a leader. Look at how little worth our own lives have become. 

I don’t have any faith in either of our candidates. I have lost all faith in our judicial system and don’t see any hope for our children and the future. I will continue to teach my children to stand and fight for the things they believe in. Fight for equality. Fight against the belief that color should keep us separate. Fight for unity, peace and love between us all. I want my children to fight for a world where we are no longer our own worst enemy. 

More love. Less hate.

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