Hailees Daily Dose

screenshot_20170319-151046.pngYesterday was the first beautiful, warm day of the year. It was a reminder to me that the cold, dark days are only temporary. A few months of the year. It’s up to us to find the beauty in things, even on the dark ugly days.
Once, when my kids were all very young, we had had been couped up for what seemed an eternity. I decided that we needed a pick me up. I bought a bunch of cheap dollar store goods like beach balls and we put on our summer clothes then had a beach day in January. There was 2 feet of snow out and there we were….Shades on, Beach Boys on the stereo, we were table surfing on the coffee table and beach balls flying everywhere. It was a day that one could not easily forget. I have often let myself forget that moment and fall into to the dark. We need to use our best memories to keep us out of the dark. It serves as a reminder that the dark doesn’t have to be. On those days, have a beach party. Table surf. Put your sunglasses on and turn that music up! It will awaken your heart and make your soul sing. Life is a beautiful thing. Live it to the ends of the earth. ❤️

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