Hailees Daily Dose

Yesterday I had a really rough day. It was ok until I went to therapy. I’m down to only 1 time a month to check in… I left in tears, came home took a valum and slept until this morning. I’ve worked really hard to get out of my hole. Yesterday, I realized that I am still letting certain things and a certain person control me and dictate things that they have no business in. It was quite the shock to hear myself say the things I did out loud… I’m going to pick up from here and make conscious effort to not let those things control me. I still have a way to go but I am on the right track… as much as it sucked, I needed to hear those things. Life is full of little things that we allow to bring us down. I have to remember that I am in control of that. It’s a beautiful, amazing life. Time to pick up and keep moving forward. This is my story. I will decide how it’s told. Keep the faith. Love conditionally
Love yourself enough to live life to the endth degree.
More love. Less hate. H

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