Hailees Daily Dose

As I sat in thought this morning​, I was drawn back to the days of living in Honolulu. It was an amazing life. The warm breezy air lightly touching your face, the soft sand where the ocean meets your feet and the sun casting its beautiful rays across the entire scene. I long for those carefree days again. 

Life was such a simple amazing time during that period in my life.

I would spend hours just gazing at the beauty around me and soaked in the peace my heart and soul felt. That is where my heart will always be. One day, I will return there hopefully with someone who loves me and spend the end of my days enjoying those same things.

Don’t get me wrong.I can’t complain about the life I have..It is truly amazing. I have eight wonderful kids that give me so much more than I could ever do for them, I have lived a life that’s so much better than some people.. Some people dream of having my life. I get that. What I don’t have is the peacefulness inside of myself that we all long for. 

I say these things knowing all too well that if I want change, I have to make it for myself. It’s my belief, that we each get caught up in wishing for certain things that can’t happen unless we grab life by the balls and go for it. When we decide to take that step, we have to go balls to the wall 24/7. It’s a big project if you’re looking at it from the outside in..But, like anything else, where there’s a will there’s a way. 

Don’t under estimate yourself. Quit finding reasons that something can’t happen. Find reasons and ways to make those things happen. You are in charge of these things. Go for it! We only live once.  JUST DO IT!

If we don’t take risks, put ourselves out there, we never grow. It’s all too easy doing the comfortable, predictable things. Step out of the damn box and start living. Time is counting down.  🙂

Get out of the zone and make your dreams happen. Life is a beautiful amazing gift. Don’t waste any more.  ❤️

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