Hailees Daily Dose

Have you ever stopped and wondered what your role is in this life? Most of us have many times. What about the thought of what would happen without you? Has it ever occurred that you have an important special role in this life if you understand it or not? You do! Personally, I wish people would stop and think about the latter of the two. 

Each of us are here and tied to others for very specific reasons. My own belief is that every moment of everyday, every single thing we do is supposed to happen. The people we come in contact with, the person you smiled at in the grocery store. The route you drove to take your kids to school. Each of those things were done at the very time and place they were supposed to. That’s my own opinion but think about it…

We are each so unique yet the same. We are colorful, full of emotion. We each are our own piece of music written by our own hand. We are hope, belief and love and are beautiful pieces in this giant puzzle we call life. Together, we are and create an amazing masterpiece of art. If even one of those pieces are missing or lost, the project isn’t whole. It’s incomplete.

All too often I hear people underestimate themselves. They don’t think they are important. They don’t see the amazing beautiful soul they are staring back at themselves in the mirror. We worry too much about what other people think. We spend all of our time trying to fit into what society says is socially acceptable. We have become selfish and self centered. We have forgotten how to take care of each other. We forget that we are ALL important. Rich, middle class, poor even homeless. The addict. The alcoholic. The person with mental health issues. We all want the same damn things in this life. We want acceptance, we want to be important. We want to be loved.

Take a look around you. See people with open hearts and minds. See the beauty around you. Hear the silence, it has so much to say. Lose yourself in the evening sunset.

Most of all, look at yourself in the mirror every morning and recognize that beautiful, amazing, unique piece of art that, when put into the big picture is the masterpiece we call life. Love life. Love people. Love yourself. You are amazing.

More love. Less hate.  H

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