Hailees Daily Dose

One of my favorite quotes by M.J. is above. 

Life. It’s about learning and growing and becoming who we are. It can be overwhelming but in my case, in hindsight everything I have gone through or am going through now, is making me the person I was ultimately supposed to become. Some days, I just want to throw in the towel and walk away, but every time I get to that point I am given a subtle reminder that I need to experience these things. 

For every negative there’s a positive. For everything there is possibility and potential it’s up to us how we view it and what we choose to do with the things in front of us. There’s really no right or wrong in the things I am talking about. Our stories are laid out, but we get to choose how they are told. That’s quite the privilege when you think about it.

My personal story, my journey has been quite the road but I am as hard headed as they come. My mother used to say that I should have been red headed and from the south. Truthfully, she was right. I have one hell of a story and when I think about it and find myself feeling sorry, if I am being honest with myself I wouldn’t change a damn thing. If I were put back at the very beginning, I know damn well I would have made exactly the same choices. Kind of a deep thought, but be honest. Knowing yourself, would you have not done the same? 

We are who we are. Unapologetically unique in this life. So, when shit gets tough, we decide if we are going to give in or fight. Our personalities before, now and later are indeed the same. Truth. The only thing different is the conscious effort inside of ourselves to step out of the damn box and force ourselves to do things that create a change inside. Good, bad or ugly. 

I happen to be my own worst enemy. I am hard on myself, I expect perfection…At the end of the day, I am perfectly the person I am. I always say that I have to make my hundred mistakes a day. It’s who I am. On that note, I decide what challenges to accept. What battles I am going to fight and how I am going to get the result I want. 

We never stop learning in this life. We learn by how we handle obstacles. Do we face them head on, or do we hide? Are we willing to work our asses off or are we going to throw in the towel and quit? I’m a strong person. There isn’t anything I can’t handle. Some things however, I let weigh me down until I am forced​ to fight my way out. It’s how I am made. You are each the same. Take a minute to look at yourself. You are stronger than you can even imagine. You are capable of doing anything in this life. So, when you start questioning why? Step back and figure out the how.  You’ve got this.  ❤️

More love. Less hate.   H

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