Hailees Daily Dose

Sitting here this morning, it occurred to me that I needed to say thank you alot more than I do to my higher power. If I look at myself realistically, I can be very ungrateful. After all, I have a roof over my head, food on the table and my children never go without anything and are in good health. Wow. What more could you honestly ask for?  I found that I am pretty selfish. 

I always want better. Everyone does. I am utterly, completely human. 100 mistakes a day and all that  comes with that. It’s who I am.  My intentions are good but maybe I shouldn’t ask for so much. In my self search today, I realized that it could be the way I am looking at things…. I am more grateful than I sound and have alot more to be grateful for than I outwardly speak. Make sense? 

Every morning I get up, I get the privilege of listening to the world wake up. I get the privilege of seeing the sun rise. I am especially blessed with the privilege of being a mother. My kids, who each had the world against them, were placed in my care and I have provided for them with so little struggle compared to some… I wake up in a home and place without war, with heat, water and electricity. Free to  speak and be heard. I can do what I want, when I want. I’m free of so many things that so many women live through every damn day. 

This may seem redundant in ways but sometimes we have to go back to the basics to see what’s really going on right in front of us. It’s easy to get caught up in things. Wanting better for ourselves or our children isn’t a bad thing but just as there are positives to every negative, perhaps we should stop looking so hard for something better if our basic needs are being met. 

Anything of value is worth working for so, if we focus on doing the maximum we can with minimal resources, we most certainly would be enlightened to just how much we have. We may be able to recognize how much we take advantage of things and become our own creators of our own incredible, beautiful lives regardless of the amount of money we make, where we reside or what social status we fit into. 

Life is an incredible journey. It’s full of many things. Ups, downs, things we don’t understand but I want my story to told in such a way, that I never got so greedy and ungrateful, that I didn’t recognize just what I did have.

I want my story to be a wonderful adventure, a fairytale and love story. It’s time this girl step back and read the rough draft of her journey. Honestly, I already have what I need. ❤️

More love. Less hate.   H

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