Hailees Daily Dose

Thoughts for today. I’m going off my story tonight but have other words burning inside.

My God, my higher power, how far does rock bottom ​go?! I’m screaming out. Please answer​ me. My world has been shattered. These are the words that won’t stop eating at me. 

We live in such a beautiful world. Surrounded by beautiful places and people. I live on the belief in the good and in hope and change yet everything fights me harder the more I try. People are generally good as a whole, the same yet so different. 

Then there’s the few…the few so filled with hate, anger and greed they will destroy another’s total being without one thought. No regret. No remorse. Pure evil as we know it. These are empty, cold bodies that enjoy feeding off of fear and hate. How sad this is to me. 

I’m reminded of the words in the song “Suffocated” by Daybreak Embrace “I’d hold my breath forever to suffocate the pain I hold Inside”  “led by the lies-hate has become what we stand for.” Truer words have not been spoken. That is indeed what we are surrounded by at times. I’ve been known to say we have become little more than monsters. It’s true and it’s time it stops. 

I know we need trials and adversity to grow, but there is so much destruction by a small group of people. Why?! I’m not capable of being that way. I don’t understand how people can live inside of themselves. 

Today, my whole world changed in an instant at the hands of another once again. I don’t know why I continue on this path, but I refuse to give in to the ugly. 

Life is beautiful. People are generally good. I will keep holding onto the hope that we will find more of what we have lost in this world.

More love. Less hate. H

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