Hailees Daily Dose

We live in a society where we have many freedoms that some people in this world will never experience. Freedom of choice, the right to life in a safe environment and freedom of speech. We have access to education, healthcare. We have rights that in some countries do not exist. We are very blessed to live in this beautiful place we call home. 

The opening paragraph above, describes our basic freedoms and rights that come with living in our great nation. I want to talk about our right inside of ourselves to live a happy beautiful life. Some people don’t what it’s like to battle a war you can’t see or understand. The kind of war that sucks the gift of life right of a soul. There are many who suffer everyday in silence, not being able to reach out because of pride or lack of self understanding. Nobody should have to live like this…but so many do. It saddens my heart to know that each day people give up the fight and take their own beautiful, amazing lives because all they see is the dark ugly place they are stuck in.

Each day we wake up to all of the beauty that surrounds us. Not just nature’s beauty but Life itself. Everyday is a new adventure. A chance to start fresh, to do better than the day before. For most people, that’s kind of the normal picture. Then there’s the picture that is reality for a smaller group. The smaller group, feel they are stuck in the bottom of the basement with no windows or doors. Trapped in a cold, ugly dark place and they can’t find their way out. I’ve been in that place. I fight every damn day to stay out of there. It’s the  war raging inside of myself that tries to suck me in. That same war tells me how ugly the world is, how ugly I am. It leads me to believe that there isn’t any good in people, that there’s no hope left to fight for and it leads me to believe that I am unimportant. Replaceable. A Waste of space. 

If you are reading this and you can relate, listen carefully to my next words.

You are an incredible, beautiful, amazing soul. Perfectly imperfect. You are important in this life. You are loved. You, are the only version of yourself, you can’t be replaced! You have the right to feel happiness, joy, love and HOPE!  I get that you feel ” less than.” I get the feelings ​of hopelessness. I get not feeling any self worth. You know what? WE ARE WRONG! We are just as worthy as anyone else to see beauty and feel happiness and to hope for all things we are entitled to. 

My daily battles don’t allow me to let go of the pain that I carry inside because of things people have done to me. Big things. I relive those things every damn time I close my eyes. I feel used, hurt and ugly. I feel a fear that can’t even be described but you know, I am learning to appreciate every good minute I can get. Eventually, the good will put weigh the bad. We have to hold on. We can’t give in to all of the things that keep us trapped. WE HAVE TO FIGHT! Everyday we waste, we are missing so many little nuances that we can’t get back. They only happen once. We are missing out on all the good things we are party to. We have things to offer this world! It takes a whole lot of baby steps, but the more you take, the bigger the steps become and eventually, even if it’s only a few minutes each day, you will find things that give you reason to fight again the next day. 

If you are struggling, please reach out. There are people who care. I care. I love you for everything you are! Please, don’t suffer alone. Together, we can fight the battle to have simple happiness and love and hope. 

 So, when someone tries to put you beneath them fight! When the world comes crashing in on you everyday, fight! Fight back with all that you are! Dammit! You are an important part of this life. A beautiful single piece of an incredible artwork. Without you, the masterpiece can never be complete. 

More love. Less hate.  H

I can be reached by messenger , email or text. 8013806052 or haileesmith@mail.com

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