Hailees Daily Dose

The world we live in is a crazy, amazing, rollercoaster ride. It’s full of ups and downs and wild turns. It can be exciting, fun or overwhelming. It’s what we do with it that counts. 

We also live in a place where society dictates how we should”appear.” We are held to economic levels given how much money we make. We are given a list of sorts to comply with if we want to”fit” in. Let me tell you something, none of that bullshit matters if your​ needs are met and you are happy. It’s takes a certain spirit to just be who the hell you are. I happen to be one of those. 

I could care less who’s wearing what. I don’t give two shits about where you dine or what you drive. It’s about being a decent human being. Personally, I am very blessed. I have many friends in upper levels in the community. I have many friends in my own walk of life, right outside of my front door. But…

Some of the most incredible, talented amazing people in my life, are those who have nothing. The addict, the alcoholic, the outsider who doesn’t fit in anywhere. The servicemen and women who have fought for our freedom only to return to their beloved country to be thrown to the wolves. The kids on the street who are there because nobody will show them an ounce of importance or purpose or worth. These people are the most humble spirits with incredible souls. Ultimate badasses. 

They have and live the stories we pay money to see on the big screen. They are writers of poetry, the are gifted artists. Self made accountans and attorneys. I mean after all, every one of them knows exactly how much a cup of coffee costs or what it’s going to take to get a meal, down to the penny. They know their rights and the laws better than we can begin to.  Amazing people. Instead of accepting them, giving them a hand up, we turn them away because that’s what society says we should do. 

I’m talking about the unmedicated mental health patient. Who didn’t ask for issues. As a person dealing with mental health issues my medications are upward of $1000 per month. An ungodly amount to pay to feel” normal” The addict who took the side road and got lost. Who gave up everything because something took away the pain and right before their eyes their lives were gone. They are stuck on the side of the road. No place to go. As an alcoholic, I drank to mask all emotion. That’s how I survived life everyday. If I couldn’t feel it, then nothing could hurt me, physically or emotionally.

Like so many who have been cast aside, I am a writer and a poet. I’m an artist of expression. I’ve got mental health issues. PTSD.  I’m an alcoholic. Everytime things feel out of control, I want a drink. I don’t do it, but I can literally taste it and feel the relief I could get if I had a drink. I’m a person who has survived​ many medical miracles. To live, I have almost lost everything in my life multiple times because of medical debt. I’m not what society says I should be. I am the outcast. The outsider. The one who doesn’t conform. I am 100% inexplictively me. I’m good with that. I’m also lucky. I’ve managed to keep my head above water. 

The difference between us when you cut to the shit, is money. We all put our fucking pants on the same. We have the same wants and needs just at different levels. Who the hell are we, or anyone for that matter to judge? What makes us so self righteous to think that anyone is beneath us? 

You know, click your heels three times you get all your dreams. Blink once and watch them disappear right before your eyes. That my friends, is the cold hard truth. Instead of complying with society, step out of the damn box. Educate yourself in reality. Some things can’t be learned from a book. Don’t be so quick to judge. Learn to love and appreciate people for exactly who they are. Not who they aren’t. 

In my book, society’s​ word isn’t all it’s been allowed to be. Kill the stigma. Set your money aside and be a decent human being. There is quite the story out in this world if you allow yourself to step down a notch and watch and listen. 

More love. Less hate.  H

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