Hailees Daily Dose

Good morning Sunday! It’s a beautiful​
day to be alive! Take it all in and live this kick ass life we’ve been given. We only get one… No time to waste. ❤️ 

Last week, I shared some things that I was really struggling with, these bouts are very real and hard as hell to get through but it’s part of my reality like so many others. Each day is a new start. Somewhere in my mind I have the ability to hold that thought and keep moving forward. I thank my higher power for allowing me to keep that small bit of hope quietly tucked away in a safe place that gives me the ability to bounce back. 

Our lives weren’t made to be perfect by design. If they were, there were would be no chance for growth, no learning, no self exploration or expression. We wouldn’t know what happiness was or unconditional love… there would be no need. Without sorrow we don’t know joy. Without struggle, we don’t recognize or appreciate all of the good we hold right in our very hands. Some of us fight harder for these things than most will ever understand but at the end of the day, I appreciate every good minute I can get twice as much as so many of you. I know that and want to scream out to the world “STOP! Get over yourselves, look around you, listen with your hearts, you are missing so much!” 

There is so much to be heard in the silence. So much love and beauty we are surrounded by if we take off the damn blinders. We waste so much precious time trying to make our lives perfect that we watch the best minutes walk away right before our eyes. Then we bitch about everything we don’t have in this life. Kind of hypocritical if you ask me.

Look, no matter who you are, where you live, what you do for a living or the neighborhood you live in, we are all missing so much. If you wake up in the morning facing a new day, then it’s not too late to stop and take inventory of your life. Do you appreciate those who love you unconditionally? Are you happy with all that you have, not what you don’t? Do you reach out to those who are struggling? Are you arrogant, prideful? Do you stop and listen to the silence? The list goes on and on. So take a few minutes today and really look YOURSELF. What things are you missing?  

If you have never battled depression then you may not understand why I stress this so much. Let me share something with you that may help you understand.

Having depression, anxiety, PTSD, and blunt force trauma has caused me to have stress induced seizures. Depending on the severity of the seizure sometimes I lose periods of time. Have you ever woke up not knowing who your own children are? I have. Can you even fathom what that feels like? Have you ever sat in a room with people you love and care about knowing you know these faces but don’t know who the hell they are?  How about waking up not being able to make your mouth and mind work, all the while inside you are screaming can’t you hear me?!  I have. I have missed so many things or lost them. Do you know what it’s like to have your child saying to you  mom, remember the time…..and pretending you remember, all the while scrambling in your mind to find those memories? I do. It can be a very sad, lost place. 

There are so many reasons to stop and just be grateful. As a whole, we are arrogant, selfish people always wanting more instead of being grateful for what we take advantage of every day. Don’t let the most important things get lost in your search of better or more. Try to remember, less can be more. Love yourself, your life, your family and friends and take advantage of all that is right before your eyes. 

More love. Less hate.  H


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