Hailees Daily Dose

As I sat here having my coffee this morning, a big ball of memories started flooding into my head. I had another long terrible night. Unlike some mornings​, I am not sure what the ” why” is for any of the above. I’m going to roll with it though. 

I was reminded this morning of one of the most significant incidents that have happened in my life. I was 15 years old, and lived in Kearns, Utah. Every day, the most hot guy I have ever seen would drive by my house. He had the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. I found myself waiting every day for that “drive by.” This series of events went on for several months and I became more curious about that beautiful man and looked forward to seeing those amazing blue eyes every day at 4:30. 

One particular evening, a car full of guys pulled up across the street from my parents house. The guys in it took turns getting out and asking for a girl…. different name each time one of them got out of the car. Eventually my father ran them off. I laughed to myself because I had a name that wasn’t common at all. They could have tried all night and comically they did until they ran out of names. That still makes me giggle to myself. 

A few days later, I was sitting outside with my younger sister waiting for my drive by. She kept telling me “why don’t you yell at him? Every day this guy drives by, you stare at each other and neither of you say anything.” My response was hell no. I was too chicken. That afternoon, when the time for my drive by came, my younger sister changed my life permanently. 

When Mr. Blue eyes came driving past the house, my sister screamed out for the whole world to hear “my sister thinks your hot! She’s obsessed with you!” I thought I was going to die, meanwhile blue eyes had turned around to look at who was yelling at him…..as he proceeded to drive into the street sign. I was in shock as he flipped around and pulled up in front of us. I didn’t know what to say. I stood there like an idiot while my sister spilled the beans. Thinking back on that moment, I still laugh out loud. That event created a lifetime event for me. At the time, I had no idea but he would eventually become my husband for the next 25 years. 

Our story was a crazy chaotic one, but I wouldn’t change it. Even in the roughest waters, I loved that man. I still do. When he died, a small part of me fought to get my life back. The part of me that died with him, will never come back. He is the only person in my life that loved me unconditionally besides my mother. 

I’m so grateful that my sister yelled out that day. I love our story. I loved that man like no other. I’m forever thankful for having him in my life. He was my best friend. My first love. The man I wanted to grow old with. I will always love you. I miss you. I’m not angry anymore. Thank you for putting up with me, taking care of me and loving me. I hope you are finally at peace. 

More love. Less hate.   H

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