Hailees Daily Dose

There is magnificent color surrounding us, the sun shining above us and a warm calm breeze in the air. Laughter fills our neighborhood as kids run from house to house playing with their friends​. The beginning of beloved summer.​

One of my favorite parts of summer is being able to go hike our beautiful mountain ranges. There’s nothing better than that fresh air, beautiful snapshots and peaceful feeling I get inside while I am out on an adventure. Once I find the perfect destination for the day, I am totally​ in heaven.

Life for me, has similar patterns. I’m grateful for all the beauty in this life and am willing to work for it. Some days the terrain is a rough hike full of hiccups. Other days there are hikes that are gentle and relaxing perfect moments. I get the same feeling at the end of the journey no matter how much effort I put in. 

The less traveled paths are usually the ones I choose. It must be the challenge that takes me to those magnificent places, it’s always worth it, but not without scrapes and bumps along the way. I believe we all get used to those bumps but are they really necessary? Yes they are.  They serve as the reminder that not only do we need to keep ourselves in check, we need to learn balance while focusing on the end goal. Multi-tasking ourselves from within. Easy to say. Hard to do.

Personally, I want to stand on that untraveled path at the end and say what next? I want to scream out, bring it baby! I got this! Things I would love to do. My reality is quite different. I allow those bumps to control me. I am the driver however I always let someone else take the wheel. Essentially, I am allowing someone else to dictate my path. The key word here is ALLOWING. Unconsciously, I am doing that very thing. It’s up to me to take the wheel back. I know this all too well yet I fall into the patterns that are toxic to me. 
I’m not a blame placer and know​ that I am responsible for myself. When am I going to take back the wheel? I keep retraveling those paths knowing that one day, I will maintain all by myself. I will scream those words for the entire world to hear.   

No matter what path I travel or how long it takes, I am amazed at the new beauty I find every day even in the ugliest places. I’m learning balance and healing. I take inventory of myself frequently in hope of being a better person than the day before. I appreciate those bumps in the road that help become the version I can of myself.

Get out in the world. Take the bumpy trails. See the beauty we forget to look at. The uncharted territory are the paths to new beginnings.

More love. Less hate.   H

photo© HS

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