Hailees Daily Dose

WOW what an awesome weekend! Ok it sucked at many levels but the few hours I spent just hanging out with my kids was so much fun. It outweighed the negative by far. 💜

Lately I have really struggled and it’s been obvious but I am working on it. Today was inventory day of myself. I do it every Sunday. In going over events during the week, I realized that I have been fighting to be heard and understood.  My goal for this coming week is to keep fighting without letting myself get so down. While in therapy last week, it was brought to my attention that I am still letting toxic people get to me and dictate my happiness. This has to stop. I have to gain control. Question is,  how am I going to do that? 
I’m in a group of ladies that encourage others to workout​, eat healthy and (my part) taking care of ones mental health. Today my words of encouragement were the following:

Day 20

Make sure to get your work out done. Today, for m.h. take honest inventory of yourself. Having major depression issues myself lately here’s what I do:

Set your intentions and priorities. How can you help yourself stay focused on your goals? Look for everything that is right with you not what’s wrong. Treat yourself with the same love and respect you give to others. Lastly, take a good long hard look in the mirror and see yourself for the amazing beautiful person you are! 

You are important. You are worth it! 

I think you are beautiful and I love each of you 💜

Goal #1. Listen to my own damn advice. Goal #2. Practice what I preach.         Goal 

#3. Listen to my own damn advice. 

I encourage each of you to take inventory of yourself every week. It helps you see and focus on things that you can personally work on just for yourself. We all need encouragement, support and love. I’ve decided that it’s time to be own best cheerleader because I have lots of support but until I believe the things they are saying, I will continue to battle and be self destructive. What good does that do me? 

I want to have a meaningful, healthy relationship with someone. I want to expect happiness not only count on the negative. I want to love myself for all that I am and be good being alone for all the right reasons until fate introduces me to the one person who will love me unconditionally and not hurt me or be toxic​ to me. I want that free spirited, hippie, beach girl back. She’s trying but I have to pull her back to the surface. The only way to to succeed is to help myself. So today, I started with goal #1. Tomorrow I tackle goal #2. One day at a time I will put the past behind me and along the way, I will not allow someone else to dictate my happiness. Please do the same.  You are beautiful, important and worth it!

More love. Less hate.  H

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