Hailees Daily Dose

You keep saying that you want your family back. I walked away because you were already throwing away what you had. Today you compared your life to your son’s. He just got out of jail. Homeless jobless and you have it worse?!

You also compared your life to a bunch of puzzle pieces. The only thing that’s sticking together is your business? If the rest falls into place good, if not oh well?! You’re looking for ​someone to be your best friend who will stand by you?

You had all of these things. We’ve been here 7 years. You have killed everything I fought to be. You treated me like a dog. You cheat on me. You lie to me. You are arrogant, selfish and can’t see a fucking thing other than your business. You make your family feel the way you do but you’re the one that’s all alone?!

You have stopped drinking. Only because you fucked up, fucked up your car and got your license suspended. What about all of the damage caused by you from those actions previously for which, you will take no accountability?! 

You destroyed my life and I am the bad guy?! Fuck you. You have been emotionally and physically abusive. You have yet to pay for any of that let alone apologize. 

You act like you are a God while you’re breaking up families, looking at men’s wives and daughters as though you can see right through their clothes. Making your comments among yourself and your employees while your customers are right there. Your business is a meat market of sorts and you are good with that? If people only knew what kind of a person you really are… Wait. Some people do know. I paid the price for that. Not you. You still have your remarkable outstanding public reputation and business. You are indeed a God. 

I am not a business deal. I am not your fucking babysitter. I’m not going to be second to anything in my life anymore. You don’t even have a clue about what’s going on home nor do you care. Whenever something good happens for me. You get jealous and pissed off. You have always taken credit for things you didn’t do. You love playing the martyr who is secretly a God in disguise and is constantly being​ persecuted. 

You destroyed my business. Have had no respect for me, my privacy or family privacy. Because of the lack of respect I and your family have paid the price. Crossing every line without thinking twice. Never an apology or any recognition of anything other than how you always lose. You can do no wrong.

You are a fucking narcissistic asshole who talks shit on other people while you are doing the very same things behind closed doors. Fucking hypocrite.



6 responses to “Hailees Daily Dose”

  1. A lot of pain yet growth in this. I love you and pray you find strength to overcome this sit back. You are awesome and I love and care about you.


    1. Thank you! You are one of one of my rocks. I’m truly blessed to have you in my life. I’ve got this. 💜


  2. This is soo our family! Love you Hailee. Keep your chin up


    1. Love you too lady! You too! You are amazing and deserve to be happy. 💜


  3. Hailee, you boldly state your truth…you don’t hold back! Good for you! I love you… you havebrought so much love into my life, by being my friend! Thank you for always inspiring me to work harder and fight harder! ❤💜❤💜❤💜❤💜


  4. You’ve been on my mind. Your words resonate with me, I’m so sorry you’re going through this and hope you’re okay. Free yourself …..you do NOT deserve this and certainly don’t NEED it. ❤❤


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