Hailees Daily Dose

It’s been a week since I have been home. I wish I could say things are looking up but I keep it real and if I said that it would be a lie. However to help stay out of the cess pool I am going to keep this positive.

This morning I am listening to Let me Hold You by Josh Krajcik and his other tunes along with some Joe Bonamassa and Jimmy Barnes. Such amazing voices are soothing to my soul. It makes me remember that there are beautiful things in this messed up world of mine. Things will get better. Gotta hang tough. 

Life is really is an awesome thing. It’s up to us to find and see the beauty in it even on the ugliest of days. The things I find most beautiful are different than some of you but here’s what I find most beautiful;

I love new babies and the thought of their future greatness. The wonder of what they will become and what mark they will leave in this life. I love people and seeing their smiles. I love hearing laughter of families that spend time together. I love the rain, it’s smell and playing in puddles with my kids. I love all of the small things that I get to witness. The nuances that happen only once….they are beautiful treasures in my heart. I love it when I am with my girls and we dance around, singing while we hang out together or are making dinner. I have been known to dance on occasion while we do our 5 miles…they are good sports and just laugh but those are memories in motion being made. Absolutely irreplaceable.

I love the quiet of each new day and listening to the world wake up while I have my coffee and watch the sunrise. I love the peaceful beauty in listening to the silence in the night hours. There is so much to be heard in the silence, so much to discover in myself that I learned during the day. Going over the things from the day in my mind, tucking the important things away in their places on my heart. 

I love people watching and seeing their stories being created right in front of me. I love the hustle and bustle of the city, the nightlife, the music and dancing. All of the art and culture we have around us… I love seeing all that this beautiful planet is created of. I love getting in my truck, rolling down the windows and feeling the wind on my  face and blowing through my hair. Standing on mountain tops surrounded in color and quiet. Feeling like I could reach out and touch our beautiful skies. 

Those are the things this girl loves the most in life. It’s out there. Look around you. Love life and live it to the fullest. We only get 1…..whatcha gonna do with yours? 💜

More Love. Less Hate. H

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