Hailees Daily Dose

This is HDD today. 💜
Here’s a little story for all of us. Food for thought my friends.
If any of you remember the old school Good Morning America, you should remember Jack Anderson. Jack was my cousin.
He did an investigative story once. The story was about the security of our country. Jack had requested an exclusive interview with the President. He was granted his request.
The morning of the interview after getting through the airport, he got ready to go meet the President. Jack decided he was going to put the security at the White House to the test. He hid a gun the wasn’t loaded in the waistline of his pants and off he went. He had been told what to expect when he got there. It was made to sound like this big ordeal.

When Jack arrived at the White House, he was allowed to walk right past all security. Because he was a familiar face not one person checked him. He continued through the White House and walked right through a second security point. No questions asked. He sat and waited to speak with our Commander in Chief. 
Finally, it was his turn to interview the President. As Jack walked in, there was a couple of guards right at the door and again he went right through not being searched. He shook hands with the President and they exchanged common courtesy remarks. The President asked how he could help Jack. Jack asked how secure he felt with the security in the White House and in our country. The President responded with how nobody could pass through the White House unsecure and as far as the security of our country, we are very secure. As secure as the White House.
At that point, Jack pulled out his gun. There were people all over him and they had him on the ground, hands in cuffs behind his back before he could explain that this was an experiment. After they cleared everything up, he asked the President how he felt about the security he so trusted now. He explained that being who he was, not one person questioned his intent. He wasn’t made to go through security and was never once had a body check. It was all on tape and they aired it just as he had done it. No editing. 
The moral of the story?  Just because you think you know someone, doesn’t mean they aren’t a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  

Just saying.  🙂

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