Hailees Daily Dose

❤️ I really need to lighten things up. ❤️

I woke up this morning in a better place than I have been in for a while now. As I have repeatedly preached, there is much to hear and learn in the silence. Today I wholeheartedly listened to the world around me wake up. It was an amazing experience. One that I have denied myself for s couple of months. 

The little bird and her family up in the eves of the house. Sprinklers on the lawns, noise from the freeway….the kids slowly making their way out of their little corners…each stopping and having a few minutes of uninterrupted mom time…my thinking spot… I love to sit there with my coffee and just listen. Ahhhh what a beautiful thing.

I was thinking about the past few days and weeks. I have not taken the time to do this since I have been home which is only 3 days short of a month. What a waste of time. How many little nuances did I miss?  Too many. I honestly don’t know, but I do know is that I don’t want to miss anymore. Life is too damn short. It’s time this girl recognize and accept what I have done, take the consequences as they come and move forward. Living in the past is wasting my now time. If I don’t get it in check, I will waste my future too. I can’t afford that.

Of all people I know how precious life is. I know what it’s like to have your world turned upside down and inside out. I also know the beautiful things that I have gained from trials I have faced. It occurred to me as I sat thinking and taking pictures of the morning sky of how much I stopped looking for the beauty around me. All of the beautiful faces that create our Masterpiece…all of color and sounds… I wonder when I stopped? Not sure but again, I don’t want to miss another day. 

My sleepy good morning hugs and the conversations that took place are invaluable. These are the treasures I hold so closely to my heart and I am not giving up one more. It’s ironic that I was doing the whole self talk this morning about getting back into the swing of things…the important things. For the first time in a long time, I was actually listening to myself. Miracles do happen. 

I guess the point to all of the above ramblings today is that I can finally see some light and I am grateful for the chance to have these things. I have so much to live for. My kids, my extended circle of friends that are indeed my family, so many pictures to take, people to meet, places to see….so much life to live! 

On that note I will end with the words from Aerosmiths song from the movie Armagedon…. I DON’T WANT TO MISS A THING.


More Love. Less Hate.   H

Aerosmith  I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.


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