Hailees Daily Dose

F*** It Friday it is! Some may think that’s a negative statement however it’s exactly opposite. In my world it’s an expression of letting all of the bullshit from the week go. 
This has been an overwhelming week at times. A couple of days I was ready to throw in the towel but I managed to get through the day. That’s not to say that I didn’t want fuck some shit up at times but I maintained. 

As part of letting go of the garbage, I always toss the negatives into in a lump at the end of the day Friday then I figuratively burn it until Sunday when I do my self inventory for the week. 

So this week, for Monday, I am going to burn the negative vibes that carried over from last weekend concerning my friends, family and my hospital stay. Tuesday, I am burning the negatives that brought up issues with death and people I care about. Wednesday and Thursdays junk with the kids is going to be a do over. Again. Lol. For Today, I am burning all of the financial crap that I can’t do anything about. I will think about it again Monday with a different perspective. 
Whatever you need to dump off to breathe Just do it. No matter what you want to call it just do it. We all have our things to deal with and I believe that dumping everything off for a day or two can help us see things in a whole different light after taking a break. 

I’m starting now. After all, Fuck it Friday only comes once a week 🙂

More Love. Less Hate.  H

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