Hailees Daily Dose

Day 5 Beautiful Me

While I was out today running, I was thinking about all of the drama in our world… Admittedly, in my younger years I was more closed minded about alot of things. I have never been predjudace but I have been uneducated. The past 12 years or more, I have opened my eyes to so many things. Our world is spinning out of control. People running amuck only caring about themselves. We have become arrogant, hateful, ungrateful people. We are selfish but struggle with self love. We act strong while in truth we are weak. We are afraid to go against the”norm” we are afraid to speak up. We are so worried about keeping up with the Joneses that we forget the meaning of family. I find it funny that so many will work 2 jobs to have their toys but the price for that is giving up family time. The toys can wait. Society as a whole needs to stop long enough to go back to the basics. When I had such a terrible experience going to my home, the one thing, the most important thing I took from that was the TIME I had stolen from my children. This wasn’t just a me setback… In those days and weeks, I missed out on alot but so did they. Although not intentionally, I did. Look around you. Are you buying your happiness or are you living in that place where you recognize time is something you can never get back? Food for thought my friends. This is this mornings pic. I’m learning it’s ok to love myself and find balance. I’m not ever going to be perfect but I will continue even with all of my faults, to stand up, be a voice, learn self love and do my best to make a positive mark on this world every day. More Love. Less Hate. 💜

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