Hailees Daily Dose

I am going to leave this thought here.. I was reading a series of tweets through my nba friend. The tweet was about Kevin Durrant refusing to go to the White House if invited… I am not going to say he’s right or wrong. However, I will say this. We put an expectation on athletes and their public responsibility to be good role models. We also teach our children that we should stand up and speak out in matters that we believe in. We want change. We want people in the public eye to stand up when it’s something we believe in. What is the matter with them standing their ground if they aren’t in agreement with what society dictates? Turning down a trip to the White House is a personal choice. It isn’t refusing to stand and honor our flag or our country. Can’t people see the contradictions we are teaching our children? Part of me really doesn’t care about this but the other part wants to reach out and shake somebody! Criticizing someone for standing up for something they believe in because of their “role” in this life is wrong. He may be a public figure but he is also human. He’s entitled to his own personal freedoms just as each of us are. I’m guilty of criticizing our President and other leaders. It doesn’t mean I should be condemned for the rest of my life and ostracized. I’m still a good person, I just don’t go with everything thrown at me because society says I should. I base my own opinion on the way I see things. I’m entitled to that. I’m entitled to free speech. I’m entitled to stand up and fight for change and our rights as human beings. So, if KD decides not to visit and his teammates follow suit, so be it. Right, wrong or indifferent, it’s all about personal choice my friends. It doesn’t make him any less of a person, role model or ball player. It does demonstrate that he is a human who thinks for himself. It’s all about stepping out of the box. Getting out of our comfort zone and speaking up for or against our true beliefs. Diversity leads to more diversity truth. However, personal choice doesn’t automatically put you into that category until we are indeed part of the actual problem which causes harm to another human. We need to stop being so damn close minded. We spend all of our time focusing on the negatives. I’m guilty. I think it’s about damn time that we quit being so judgemental. Quick to stereotype. It’s time for unity not division. It’s time for us to go back to the basics and relearn all that we preach to our children. It’s time to allow people some room to be human. If you want a real result, you have to have a real expectation. We need to accept people for who they are regardless of their personal opinions. Hell, if I got rid of everyone in my life that I disagree with, I would be one awful lonely person. So, we can continue to blindly follow the masses and do what our upper society tells us to do or we can go against the flow and be our own free thinking selves and be role models and leaders in our own right. I refuse to be what society dictates I have to be to be accepted. If you disagree with me that’s fine but when people talk about me in the future, at least I know they will say that I wasn’t a conformist. I will be known for being my own voice right, wrong or indifferent. I will be known for going against the “norm” I am just fine with that. What will people see in you? Conformist or rebel? I CHOOSE REBEL. NOBODY ELSE WILL DICTATE HOW I CHOOSE TO THINK. ❤️

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