Hailees Daily Dose

I saw the most beautiful sight yesterday driving up the canyon and I wanted to share. It was the Nebo half marathon yesterday. I had forgotten about that so our ride in to go hiking was pretty slow because of all the runners. I didn’t mind it at all and in fact it gave me the chance to cheer people on as they ran by with a quick holler out of the window or the flash of a piece sign accompanied by a smile. Of course the girls thought I was just being my crazy self and tried not to be embarrassed by me but I was getting to them. I started a conversation about why I would do that to total strangers and how I should be participating in it. Pretty soon they understood and they joined in making the trip more fun. As we got farther up the canyon, the runners became fewer and farther between. As I got to mile 4 I was certain everyone had gotten started off as the majority had been down around miles 9 &10. Between miles 4 & 2 there was no one but the water crew they were looking for runners so I knew there had to be a couple of behind the pack. Right before mile 2 was a gentleman who was wearing a prosthetic leg. My heart warmed up at the site and then dropped into my stomach. I realized how blessed I am and once again how ungrateful I can be. Here was a gentleman who was eight miles behind some runners and it didn’t phase him what an awesome site! Behind this gentleman, several police SUVs followed behind him so I assumed that was end. About mile and a half up around a bend I caught a glimpse of red and blues and thought ahhhh always one cop sitting behind the others to wrap it all up. As I finished up the little horseshoe turns to my surprise there was one last runner. An officer right behind her keeping her safe. The runner before me brought to tears to my eyes and I couldn’t help but smile and stare. She was an elderly lady that looked to be close to her seventies. She was about 5 ft tall and as thin as a bone. She wore coke bottle glasses and culottes, a sun visor and a fanny pack to finish her outfit. Her frail body looked like it could barely move but I’ll be damned if she wasn’t making that body run. It was slower than I walk but she was doing it. Her smile melted my heart. She was proud of herself and it showed, she was glowing like a pregnant woman. I bet she was well over 2 hours behind everyone else and regardless, I am positive that she finished. As I finished the drive into Santaquin Canyon, I could not get the picture of her out of my head. I’m sure those eyes have seen things change in this world and I am sure that little body has been through alot. I wondered about the trials she’d faced and what her life has been like. I thought about that poor body and how she was going to feel afterward. Then, once again I pictured that smile. Right at that very moment she was in all of her glory. Nothing else mattered. She has no idea but she instantly became my hero. I felt ashamed that I gripe and complain so much. I felt bad that I am so blessed and don’t appreciate it. I also felt warm and happy and I could see myself setting a goal to be just like her in my latter years. Without ever meeting this woman she taught me a a couple of lessons. Humility and gratitude for all that I have. She was an example of the meaning of the words “never or I can’t ” not being an option. Most importantly, her radiance told me that life is all about what you decide you can do. I wish I knew her name. I wish I could meet her. I would hug her with tears in my eyes and say thank you for being there right when I needed to see you. My dear friends, we take advantage of so many things in this life. We sell ourselves short and out. Life is beautiful amazing opportunity. We need to learn from the negatives, take the positives and roll with it. We need to live life to the fullest and be grateful and thankful for all we have handed to us. I want to be that smile and radiance. I want the world to know that I embraced my life and made it to the finish line with all that I am made of wearing my fanny pack and culottes with the smile on my face that can change the world.

More Love. Less Hate. H

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