Hailees Daily Dose

I want to throw something out in the universe this morning. I feel like it’s really important…
There’s a general consensus and stereotyping issue that I want to openly discuss.

Over the past few weeks, I have lost several amazing people in my life. They were incredible, talented, beautiful people. An artist, a mother, a stockbroker, a father, a mechanic, Plummer and a homeless person who wasn’t homeless by choice. They all had one thing in common. ADDICTION

We tend to categorize and stereotype people because of their inability to be “normal” this is so wrong. People who are alcholic or addicts are not always bad people. They are beautiful amazing souls who are battling a terrible demon and they are losing. These people love their families and friends. They hide because of shame yet, are some of the most incredible people that exist. They get overwhelmed, depressed, sad and lost. They aren’t being selfish. They are dealing with life the best way they can.

I have a son who is an addict. To protect my children, I have to love him from a distance. I can’t have him here. It’s getting colder out and I worry about him freezing to death during the winter. The person I occasionally run into, is not my son. My son is trapped in a place that he just can’t get out of. He wants to. He’s ashamed. He loves his family. He’s lost, scared and depressed but again, he’s fighting a battle he cannot yet win. I pray for him every day. I hope that he knows how much I love him. I think he’s incredible and smart and capable of anything in this life. I will never give up in my heart. I will continue to ask you and others to understand that these are good, beautiful souls who have made bad choices. They hurt the people they love with their actions but they have not any lesser value than we do.

You don’t have to like their actions. Don’t enable them. Love them from a distance. But don’t lump them up in the stereotypical category which says they are bad and undeserving of love and worthless. They aren’t.

They are the lost. The hurt. The sad. They’ve lost the ability to dream and hope. The person underneath the addiction is still there. They have a battle they must win for themselves that can be fought only from within themselves.

So please remember this…

People who are alcholic or addicts are not bad people. They are beautiful amazing souls who are battling a terrible demon and they are losing.

More Love. Less Hate. H

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