Hailees Daily Dose

So, last week, I lost a couple of more people in my life. The restaurant caught fire and my kidneys were really keeping me down. I moved another 16 year old in my home.With Lots of baggage and problems. We battled the repercussions of an extended visit by a tummy mom who hadn’t been seen for 3 years. All of the sudden, she’s a living god in my child’s eyes.
Whew, what a crock pot of fun. I could bitch about it but why? Because even though all of that happened there was alot of awesome shit occuring as well.
The people I lost are no longer fighting battles they can’t win. Their bodies,minds and souls are no longer suffering. They are finally at peace.
When the restaurant caught fire, I learned of some shady deals that we’re going on behind my back. Not anymore. Problem addressed and fixed. I never would have known if there hadn’t been a fire. The 16 year old we moved in, has alot of issues, yet, our family gained another member and his family into our lives. The more the merrier and maybe together we can co-parent and give this kid a chance. He has many good qualities that he brings to the table. He immediately stepped up to protect Mel. His “sister” I also gained a new friend in his mom. She’s an amazing woman. The issue with tummy mom was small compared to the joy her being here brought to my children. They are building a relationship with her which is important to me. We worked together and handled the grass is greener together. Her being able to see her children gives her hope, strength and the will power to just say no and stay clean and sober. That has been a long road for her. Our children deserve to have her in their life. After all, if it weren’t for tummy moms, I wouldn’t be a mom. ❤️ As for my health issues, they are big. They are scary. But every time something new happens I am reminded once again of my strength and the power I hold within. Ironically, my health issues have brought together with some amazing, beautiful women who are freaking badasses from hell and I admire with all of my being. We help hold each other up and can relate at a level most people never understand. I’m so grateful for every one of them. They add so much to my day! Knowing time is limited, I feel fortunate to even be part of their lives.
So to end my soap box preaching this morning, there’s good and bad everything. It’s up to us to see the beauty and good even on the ugliest of days. ❤️

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