Hailees Daily Dose

My thoughts have been running rampant today. We live in a beautiful, crazy, chaotic world where the most amazing humans reside. Yet there is such a lack of communication, compassion and empathy it’s hard for this soul to swallow. Maybe I live in a dream world, but we have become so broken, arrogant, selfish and greedy I don’t know how we can stand ourselves.

We’ve trained ourselves to look the other way, cover our ears and trash others for their short comings. It’s all about making ourselves feel better. We crave and worship money and”stuff”. We put ourselves on pedestals only to look down and mock those who struggle. Those who are different. Those who don’t fit into what we have decided is socially acceptable. For what? That 2 minutes of feeling like we own the world? Like we are above everyone else? I don’t think this was the idea.

In my heart I believe that since the beginning of time, we knew how selfish and self destructive we would become. One would think that we would learn from our mistakes but nope. We keep doing the same stuff expecting a different answer. So, what are we going to do about it? From my view, we are too stubborn to do a damn thing about it.

The view from my castle window is bleak, foggy and dark sometimes but if you look out into the muck far enough, there’s that little spot of light out on the horizon. The one where the sunshine is brilliant and makes you feel alive. There’s a place where people can reside in unity and peace showing compassion, concern and love for each other. A place that is warm, full of life and content. It’s there. I think most of us have lost site of it along our way.

I have lived in the dark. I didn’t know anything else but even on the ugliest of days I squinted to see that little spot out on the horizon and I have always believed it to be there. I know what the power of hope, unity and love can do and I refuse to give up or in to the darkness. Personally I am going to continue to battle the dark. The hate. The ugly. The addiction. The violence. The greed. I’m going to uncover my eyes and ears. I’m going to keep my heart open with the hope that I can help change our backassward thinking. I’m going to be the voice of love, peace and happiness. I’m not perfect but I will learn along the way.

It’s my hope to teach my children and others around me the same. I’m hoping to be that good vibe that one can catch just by being… I am going to be the voice of compassion, unconditional love, acceptance and reason. I’m going to quit being selfish, unforgiving and the holder of dark feelings leading to my own version of hate. I’m looking inside of myself first to make change. What are you going to do?

More Love. Less Hate. H ❤️

2 responses to “Hailees Daily Dose”

  1. I’m gonna try to follow your example and be that bright light for others to light there candle with. 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! You are amazing and already doing it! ❤️


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