Hailees Daily Dose

As I pondered what to write today, as usual there was a lot just dying to pop out of my thoughts and jump onto the paper. The one thing that really stuck out though was the view from my window. Metaphorically speaking of how I see things in the world around me. I am so not what is considered “normal” thank goodness! We get revenge in the small simple ways sometimes.

Growing up in my world, was sad, depressing and ugly. We had very little monetarily and even less emotionally. Spiritually in our family, we were living everything opposite of what was shoved down our throats concerning religion. My father was violent abusive liar, he belittled us every chance he got. He was a cheat. Repeatedly. Mamma still stayed. She would fight with our father on occasion but as a rule she never protected us from him. Emotionally, physically or mentally. Financially he was never stable.

Fast forward to the current time. I have 9 kids. They have a a good life. They have never gone without a thing. I have protected them from the ugly terrible things that exist. Yet I have taught them what those things are. They have never gone to bed hungry. They have more than other kids. I have made plenty of mistakes along the way but overall I have done good. I often wonder how they view their lives. Do they know that I love them? Are they capable of loving life they way I do? Do they know that I would give my life for them? Do they know that I am ever so proud of the amazing humans they are becoming? Do they know that everything I fight for and against is a fire fueled by them and the future I want them to have?

As I look out my window I see a future that doesn’t have to be full of racism, hate and chaos. I see a beautiful world where we are accepting and respectful of others. Where we aren’t judged by the color of our skin or our history. I can picture a place where all humans matter and reside in a peaceful environment. I see my children leading others and paving pathways for a harmonious, united nation that is an example that shouts out to the world ” follow us!”

I have been given the ability to see past all of the ugly that exists in this world. I have experienced all too much yet I believe. I hope. I dream of a kinder, gentler world. A powerhouse of love and unity.

I can picture a world where we don’t separate. We don’t judge. We don’t bully and socially accept an agenda in favor of those who have more. A place where living is a community that cares for each other. Where people don’t go without. A life where husband and wives respect, trust and support each other unconditionally. Where divorce and abuse are not the answer an infidelity are not promoted and sold like candy.

We have become spoiled. Greedy. Material. We need to get back to a simpler time. Where we work for a living. We respect each other as humans. We quit seeing color and women as the weaker sex. We need to quit trying to put ourselves in a higher status, living way beyond our means. A world where we declare that all humanity is important.

I get a quiet revenge everytime we overcome one hurdle toward becoming whole only to face the next. It’s worth the fight. The peace. The beauty that we have been handed. We are slowly stealing the color from our own world. We have sucked all that is beautiful into a vacuum and added bleach to make our version of what it should be. When you mess with something that isn’t broken you have to repair it.

I was born to trod the untraveled path. I have taken the rough road my whole life. Maybe because I needed to learn to respect, love and appreciate the beauty that we take advantage of on a daily basis. I am not sure but whatever the reason for my journey I intend to keep being the voice and living outside the box. Screaming at the top of my lungs that I want everyone to find and see the incredible, beautiful life that we have before us.

You are each amazing, beautiful humans. Time to help others see it within themselves so our bleached out view goes back to being brilliant color. A sight that bleeds out hope, peace and love.

More Love. Less Hate. H ❤️

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