Hailees Daily Dose

Sitting here, having my coffee this morning, I am very inclined to go somewhere that isn’t really comfortable for me right now. However, I feel like someone out there needs to hear these words. So here we go.

Life is a beautiful, crazy chaotic, roller coaster ride. It’s full of new adventure, laughter and joy every day. There’s also a dark, ugly side of life that some face more than others. Those people are the most incredibly strong, humans that exist. They don’t see it in themselves, and the situations they go through make it almost impossible to even imagine. The fact is, no matter how they view it, they are indeed the most badass of of us all.

The ugly things in our world don’t just refer to drugs and alcohol. We have multiple types of abuse, human trafficking, narcissists, brain washing, gaslighting, corruption, the lists go on. There are many good, intelligent, hardworking people who are kind and generous that fall prey to things they didn’t see coming. Then we have the innocents. Our children. They are so easily manipulated and taken advantage of. Their spongy little brains soaking up everything around them, becoming a product of their environment. Good, bad or ugly. For some, they never learn right from wrong, good from bad. They simply go into survival mode and things become their “normal”. Sometimes, there are no warning signs. You just wake up and find yourself knee deep in a sinkhole, wondering how the hell you got there. Suddenly, the ugly kicks in…

Things that are supposed to be safe in our comfort zones, become the most dangerous. People we love and trust, become the monsters we are supposed to be protected from. The difference between right and wrong, become irrelevant as we struggle to do whatever we have to do to protect ourselves internally as well as physically. The lesser of the evils.

We are forced to believe that we aren’t worth anything. We’re stupid, unloveable, crazy. Everything negative. We go into our shells and hide. Keeping a few precious moments in time hidden in the back of our minds and in our hearts. We quietly relive them and wonder where they went. Any signs of light, slowly disappear a little more every day. The darkness getting heavier, suffocating our clarity, our spirits, our belief in love, hope and all that is good and beautiful in our lives. One day it’s all gone. So, we do what we have to in order to find some level of normalcy, sense of reality. We compromise whatever we have to just to feel like we can breathe. There’s nothing worse than feeling all alone and unloved by the ones we are surrounded by, so we create a space to protect ourselves.

It’s hard when you are the person above to see the light, the beauty, but it isn’t impossible. Even when the world is crashing down around us, there’s beauty in everything if we look for it. There’s answers in the silence if we listen. It isn’t all lost. We have to teach ourselves to be grateful for all that we have. Be kind to ourselves, forgive ourselves for the things we consider our short comings. We must learn to accept ourselves for everything we are, not the things we aren’t.

As for the dark and ugly, remember that eventually things will change. We have to do our part, because it won’t happen if we don’t. Change starts within and sometimes, we have to force ourselves into the unknown; Throw ourselves out to the wolves in a sense, so that we forced to find that inner fire we each hold deep within.

If you are feeling dark and lost, rember that you are important, beautiful and loved. Things that happen to us don’t have to dictate the future. It’s all about taking baby steps and rediscovering our inner strength, the fire just waiting to jump through our tired hearts and souls. Breathe in all that is good and say no to feeling broken. You are perfectly imperfect. An amazing person who has an important role in this life. You can start by taking a look in the mirror and seeing the beautiful person that I see when I look at your face.

I love you ❤️

More Love. Less Hate. H

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