Hailees Daily Dose

Good morning my friends ❤️❤️❤️
My thoughts today? I’m grateful for my own crappy life. It could always be someone elses. ❤️
Sunday, I was at a local store when I saw a lady and her tiny daughter walking through the parking lot. I was loading my stuff into the back, so you could see inside that I case of water. She was very hesitant and I a little nervous because of weirdos, but she approached me and asked for some water. I said sure, and noticed that she was very jumpy when I moved fast. Her little one had a dirty face from crying and she looked like she had been through the wringer. I asked her if they were ok. She nodded, but I knew something was wrong. Just in the time it took to put my groceries in the car, the little had guzzled the whole bottle of water. I could feel something was up. I offered more water and she burst into tears, repeatedly saying thank you. I had bought the kids a box of donuts and offered them one. She tried to refuse but her daughter was dancing all over the place in utter happiness. I smiled and was reminded of all the happiness simple pleasures bring us. I am not sure why but I knew she was in trouble of some kind. What followed next is the timestamp for that day and I will never forget it.
I asked her if they had eaten that day.. I am not sure why, but I did. She looked at the ground in silence then shook ihead no. I asked her if there was something I could do to help. Again, she shook her head no and looked at the ground. I could feel she was telling the truth and I could see the shame she was feeling. I offered more water and asked if I could buy them something to eat. She declined. She and her daughter went and sat in the shade under a tree and I got into my car. I couldn’t pull away, something about them was wrong. As I fought myself internally to just go, I couldn’t. I got out of the car grabbed a bottle of water and went to sit in the shade with them. Not knowing I understand Spanish, the little one was telling her mom that I was the nicest person she knew. She was asking her mom if she could have another donut. I had a $10 bill in my pocket, I took it out and tried to hand it to her, but she refused. I was really impressed they needed help but you can’t force one to tell. I told her to please take it, her little girl had really made my day with that donut dance. I would like her to have a little something for making me smile. After a bit of coaxing, I got her to take it. My heart still felt something was wrong but I had to go. I told them it was wonderful to meet them and maybe we would bump into each other again. I got in my car and drove away. About half way home, I realized that I didn’t have my card. I must have dropped it… for a split second I had that thought cross my mind but I honestly didn’t think she was that way. As I came up to the store I saw they were still there but had a few groceries. I pulled over and watched them. The little one was dancing around like it was Christmas. Smiling from head to toe. I watched as the woman appeared to be sorting or organizing something. She carefully put her items in her bag. It looked from where I was at, that she had gotten them a sandwich and they had a little picnic right there under the tree. I watched for a few minutes and pulled all of the way into the parking lot. I ran into the store to see if I had left my card there. No luck. I went back to the car. Angry that I had been that dumb. As I was walking to the car, I heard someone yell. I turned to see and it was the woman. A police officer was standing in front of her. I don’t know why, but I immediately had the thought cross my mind that someone had reported them. The really did look homeless and people are afraid of “those kind of faces.” She caught a glimpse of me and started motioning for me. I walked over to see what was going on. I asked if there was something I could do. The officer had my card in his hand. He told me that she was desperate to get it back to me and called for help to find me. I dropped my card on the ground and her little one had found it after I got up to leave. The little one desperately wanted to be heard so finally her mom asked her what she wanted. She told her mom, I told you that the angel would come again. The one who shared food and water and bought our food for a few days….. I took my card and thanked the officer and the woman. I commented that it was good she went and bought something to eat and didn’t waste the money. The woman burst into tears and said, my daughter told me that an angel would come and help us get food…last night we slept under a bush. We haven’t eaten since the morning before. My husband threw us out. No money. No car. Just told me to go. With the money you gave me, I bought bread, water and sandwich meat. We will have meals for a few days. My daughter told me you would come. Thank you. She was crying. I was crying. Her daughter? Was sure that I was sent by God to give them bread. I hugged them both and asked if they would be ok. I walked to my car and pulled off. I watched them in the mirror. Smiling like they had not a worry in the world. When I got home, I was putting things away when I realized that card I dropped, was one that has no pin. In fact, it was my reloadable card I use to help budget. My mind went back to those faces..she could have taken my whole months food allowance. She didn’t take a dime. There are some amazing humans in our world. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Don’t give up on hope and love and the belief in life and good people. I remembered that day in the mall. When I met Angel, buying clothes for the kids…it was my turn to do the same for someone else. I’m no angel for sure, but I’m glad that I listen to those little promptings inside. Karma always has our back.
Life is a beautiful amazing thing even on the ugliest of days and situations. Don’t take things for granted so much. Smile. It’s contagious. Be generous. Even when you don’t have much. Remember not to judge. One day, that could be you in a mess. Love unconditionally. It brings so much happiness in our lives. Regardless of our situation or problems, we share the same wants, needs and dreams with billions of other people, only wanting the same things. Learn from your mistakes and experiences. Don’t forget the little things….they mean the most.
More Love. Less Hate. H

I love you ❤️

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