Hailees Daily Dose

I woke up thinking about the sad state our world is in. Our ancestors fought for all of the freedoms we love so much yet, some of us are choosing to regress. I refuse. Just this morning I was reading about border patrol checks back East. In 11 hours they arrested 9 illegal immigrants. Really? Wow. Successful day 😡
In our educated, wealthy nation, we have “camps” for those who don’t belong. Pictures of the past float forward in my mind… there’s protests for this, protests against that, some worthy of the cause others are nothing but hate promotion. The KKK are more active than they have been in years. Racism and hate have once again become acceptable. We have admitted child predators and sexual offenders running for office, who can justify every ugly thing they do. We consider ourselves better than and in reality, we are little more than animals or self absorbed narcissists who, given the chance love to shake our tail feathers and flaunt our egos for the world to see. It makes me so sad. We pride ourselves for all that we do for 3rd world countries yet, we fail to look in our own backyards. We chastise others instead of extending our hand to our fellow man. We judge by the things that one possess instead of what they bring to the table. Our judgmental attitudes give off on air that we are the chosen, as long as we have things and aren’t of color or outside ethnicity. We look down our noses and turn our heads at anything that isn’t what’s socially acceptable.We disrespect and disregard others personal pride like yesterdays trash. We love nothing more than feeling we are above others. Our sense of general well being and existing among others, is becoming clouded by the ugliest of things and we’re allowing it.
I always wanted a family and now, I have one. There are days that my heart aches for my children. The world we live in is so backward. I have instilled good things in them and at their young ages, they see the fight we are up against. As children they have been exposed to everything I have fought against. They can be leaders and fight for change and they do, but this isn’t what I had pictured for my children or yours. Instead of making a better future, we are killing every ounce of the good in this life. Just to survive, we are telling them to be themselves. Stand for what is right and good, while we show them through our actions that we must not do anything to make waves. Keep your head down. Go with the flow, because if you speak out or stand up, the consequence is ugly. You need to fit in. Don’t show who you are or what you are made of because you’ll be set aside and discounted. My heart and mind just can’t accept these things. Sometimes, I feel selfish for wanting a family given the state of mind we live in and the things happening around us.

When are we going to stop? Stop hating and accepting the unacceptable. Stop justifying everything around us. Stop judging and putting other humans beneath us. When are we going to get back to fighting for peace, equality and unity? When are we going to teach our children to make those waves, stand up for what’s good and right regardless of what society says? When are we going to stop regressing and just exist next to our neighbors without judgement and be decent humans? If we can’t get back to the basics, we’ve done not only ourselves and our children an injustice, but those from the past who worked for a better future and those in the future who have a clouded view an injustice, that will continue to cycle over and again. The real picture I see is one that I cannot and will not accept. Change starts with one person. You. Take your share of the responsibility. Step out of the damn box. Be a voice. Be your own best advocate. Stand for peace, love and unity among all. Stand for something otherwise, you are part of the problem.

More Love. Less Hate. H

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