Hailees Daily Dose

Good morning Sunday!
I want to share a little something before the kids wake up. We all struggle with our children in some way, big or small. My soon to be 18, is one of a kind. He’s brilliant, funny, and caring. He’s also in some ways very introverted, quiet and acts like everything in this life sucks. I really worry about him sometimes. He acts like he doesn’t want to be part of the family. Has a hard time showing affection or even interest in life at times. But,
The one thing that is has always big in our home is music. It keeps me tied to each of my kids in a very unique way. Music and poetry are the gateway to our relationship. He always shares new stuff with me that he has found. I absolutely adore all that he is. Every once in a while, the real him pops out and it makes my heart so full. I know he hears things I try to teach him and I know what a great, upstanding young man he has become by his actions. Yesterday, the real him showed up. ❤️❤️❤️
This is the last year of the full warped tour. That is kind of a sad thing for him but he’s had some awesome experiences the past several years that he will never forget. Yesterday, they were here. My 18 and his friends geared up to head out to head bang all day, in the hot sun. They took a friend who has never been this year and because my son is who he is, it was a day his friend will not forget anytime soon. 🙂 He was trying to show her how to get things done and she was in Heaven just watching him do his thing. He was trying to get to BVB but couldn’t even get a shirt. They shut down before he got there. He told Daisy, I need to think. I really wanted to do something cool for my mom….now, I have to come up with a new plan. I’m going to go for a walk. Please wait for me here. Just need a couple of minutes…. poor Daisy didn’t know what to think. Lol. 5 minutes later, Z ran up to Daisy glowing like a pregnant woman, grinning from ear to ear. Come over here, I have something to show you…he took her to the quiet spot he had found to think. Now, Daisy and Z both happen to love a certain band that was there so the she was floored when the guys from This Wild Life turned around and introduced themselves. She was so happy she started shaking. Then my 18 ever so smoothly said, Daisy meet the guys. Give them your CD and they will autograph it. She stood there still stunned so, being my son he said, listen,you need to to breathe and get it together. My mom always says that everything happens in it’s own time and for it’s own reason. If we wouldn’t have been shut down at the BVB table, we wouldn’t be standing here 🙂 🙂 He asked the guys for a couple of pics and they were very kind to do so. The kids talked about everyday life with them for a few minutes. Before they parted, my 18 says, hold up. My mom really loves your sound. Would you sign a CD for her please I didn’t her anything yet, I have to run buy one really fast. They told him not to run off and said, we’ve got one lol, what’s your moms name? They walked back and handed him a CD, told him to bring it home to me. They spoke for another couple of minutes and told the kids to follow their dreams but listen to their hearts…my son turned and said Man! You sound like my mom. 😂 I’m not sure if Daisy has realized what s special friend she has but I do ❤️

It’s our flaws and shortcomings that help create the most important parts of us. Even when we get short with ourselves or others we need to step back for a second and let stuff happen. It will, if we give it a minute and allow it. Patience isn’t always my friend. Especially with my kids. I can see everything they are and I want them to see it too, but I want it right now. Lol.
Creator and time have plans on their watch not ours, easy to say hard to remember. Everyday I am reminded of all the things that I have done right when I see the incredible humans my children are becoming. All things happen for a reason in it’s own time, I am a believer. Our children, well, they’re only human and we have to trust that they are learning and growing into exactly who they are supposed to be. When we worry about them we are only being normal parents. That’s to be expected but me personally, I need to remember that my children are each beautiful creations that have a lifetime of mucking their way through stuff too. In order for them to experience all that is set aside just for them, we have to let them be who they are. My son, tried to take his life once. I have had to learn to watch quietly in the distance as he struggles to find himself. His personality and behaviors shouldn’t be a personal issue… it’s how he is built. So, on the days he shines and shows his true spirit and colors, I am going to remember that somewhere along the way, I have done good. I have amazing children who are kind and generous. They are smart, creative and talented. I have to let them shine in their own way, in their very being and cheer them on from the sidelines and hug them when they need it. LOVE. It’s what life is truly about ❤️

I love the amazing people each of you are and I thank you for what you bring to circle that makes my life complete.❤️

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