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Lately, I have been debating a couple of subjects with a few people and I have to say that I am never surprised by our overall attitude and sense of entitlement in general. As much as I love people, there are some that just can’t get past the asshole inside of themselves. We think we are educated, above others. Our sense of always having the answers and never being wrong, never ceases to amaze me. My God, some of us should just stop talking. Zip it up. Stop. You’re killing me. Take your educated mouth and crawl back under the rock you stemmed from. You don’t have a clue about anything other than your twisted ideas and views. The only person they make any sense to, is you. Quit bitching about the very things you ask for or step it up and fight for change. It’s not fucking rocket science.

For instance, case in point 1.

Some of my friends are discussing car repair. It turns into the bitch session about how the cost of emissions has risen along with some other minor repairs. Well, WTH did you think was going to happen when they stopped the inspection requirement? If you researched the price we would pay to get that “break” you would have known that nothing comes without a price. I asked if anyone knew what it was we agreed to give in return for the approval of that new ” goodie”. In a group of 25+ only 1 person was actually educated on the deal. The price we paid was this:

They removed the inspection requirement. Yay us. Ugh.

In return we should have recognized there were going to be price increases elsewhere. These small business owners pay their overhead by the small, everyday repetitive stuff. Your one time $900 car repair, may be the only big ticket item they have that week.

Along with the above, what most don’t realize, is that we also gave up our right to any warning or fix it ticket. It’s now the cost of repair AND a fine period. No negotiating.

So, you’re driving down the highway on vacation at 2 a.m., a rock flies up and cracks your windshield. A police officer witnessed it, but you are screwed. That’s going to cost you $150 and a new windshield. Bravo. You bitch about it, but you were on that band wagon to remove the required inspection…Things that make you go hmmmm.

Second point in case:

We were discussing the new low cost housing plan to build a beautiful new apartment complex in downtown Salt Lake. It would definitely be more attractive and help with the housing crisis we are up against. Basically, it’s a win. Something I strongly supported. Well, for some, it was a better idea to leave the vacation, rundown property. Here’s why;

Putting up a building with rent caps and regulated maintenance is a waste of tax payers money oh, and don’t forget the “class” of people it would be recruiting. REALLY? My argument is this:

So, don’t utilize the funds to update a rundown area and don’t give people a place that’s clean, safe and regulated along with rent caps so they can be more self sufficient?

In my experience, over 75% of people who have experienced having to be low income or no income, homeless ( including our elderly family members) appreciate and respect nice things when given the opportunity. Events in life put people in some really ugly situations they could never have forseen. If we give them a hand up, such as affordable housing, they become more self sufficient and their self esteem and desire to be more productive increases. Where’s the negative in this?

I pointed these things out and I was laughed at. So then, I threw out the price we would pay to ignore this problem and not support it.

Say we have a building that houses 150 Tennant’s. They are on fixed incomes. Rent is adjusted so they can have a place to live AND still pay for their daily needs. Instead of helping, we now have 150 people who are on full state assistance. Medical assistance, financial, food stamps etc.. they still can’t pay rent so while funds are available, those are also being used to help people try to avoid being homeless. Where does that money come from? Taxpayers of course. So, where’s the loss in giving a hand up? We would pay 5x more in tentative benefits and have not solved anything. We would still have a housing crisis. So, where did I miss that this project is a pointless waste of time? I don’t get people’s reasoning.

Sure, we have people on programs to help them. Most, genuinely are trying to just get by and are decent humans. So, why not take the bigger step to solve the problem in small moves? Life is circumstance. We can’t predict it. We can’t stop it. It works 24/7. The money saved by putting those 150 people in an affordable living situation would open up avenues to help another 150. I can’t see any downfall. Yet, there are people who are so against this project. I bet if it were their parent, they’d jump on the other side of the band wagon in a hurry because those same people probably don’t have any use or time to support the very ones who gave them life. Our priorities are really out of line.

My point to all of this rambling? Know what you’re voting for. Research things. Remember there’s a price for everything. Does the need or want justify the price? Lastly, remember, you can bitch all you want but if you aren’t stepping up and fighting for change and equality at a fair price, you’re part of the uneducated problem.

Step out of the damn box and be part of the solution, not the problem or stop bitching. Nothing in this life is free but know that you sure as hell aren’t getting that cake and eating too.


Our world is a beautiful, amazing place even with all of the ugly, it’s up to us to make it so for all humans. Regardless of circumstance or color. We all have the desire to have our basic needs met and to be happy. Do your part to help. Don’t be party to the problem.

More Love. Less Hate. We need a hell of alot more of it. ❤️ H

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