Hailees Daily Dose

On my mind today? Where to start?

Alot of aggression and anger. People have no sense of priority anymore. They jump on bandwagons and don’t do anything but bitch. If push came to shove, they’d run the other way with their tails between their legs. They are also the first to bitch about how change needs to happen yet, they aren’t part of the solution. It’s not their problem

Loyalty is also twisted and turned to fit the latest moment regardless of the casualties or consequences. In my own home, it’s become every man for themselves. No regard or interest for family.

Privacy is an unknown word. Gossip has taken over. Everyone knows your shit better than you. That used to be small town stuff but it’s now rampant among every area where people exist. People need to take a look at themselves.

Our entitled snot nosed children becoming more entitled everyday. They don’t understand the word respect. They do however think it’s given and not earned without any work. In my house, I have a child who seized his engine by not checking the oil. He has been driving his little sisters car. She refused to get her learner’s. Brother has taken over her car and beats the hell out it. He’s trashed the inside and doesn’t care nor will he take responsibility and clean it because it’s not his. So, I told them they have to walk. When I didn’t pick him up from school, all hell broke loose.

I have a son who has jumped in my face then wants Mommy to fix his problems. I set him right straight. You told me that you are a man…..buy your own shit. BTW beginning your 18th b.day, you owe me rent. You wash your clothes, cook your own food and buy it too.

Families are just a bunch of assholes who got stuck together. Nobody values the word family. It used to be you took care of your own the best you could. You stood by each other no matter what. Now, your brother/son/father etc. will sell you out without even thinking about it so people won’t see their flaws. God forbid anyone find out how human they are.

When the real warriors stand and speak, they are belittled, ridiculed and bullied by society, for the whole world to watch. Nobody cares. Everyone is afraid to speak up.

Our city streets are filled homeless and addicts. Kids go to bed hungry. They live in unstable, unsafe places that are not homes. In order to survive, they play the game. After a while, it’s their reality and it spills over into the future.

What a mess.

This shit breaks my heart. Where did we take the wrong turn? Imagine what we could accomplish in one day. 24 hours, if everyone could just band together and follow through and be the kind of people that we should be.

As much as I love life, it can be a really ugly monster sometimes. We’re losing a battle that we’re in control of…my heart hurts. So much that we could change, but we don’t.


That’s what this world needs. ❤️ H

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