Hailees Daily Dose

For the first time in months I slept by the hour last night instead of minutes. It’s the little things we take for granted. This has been a good morning so, today I will share a cool experience that recently happened. More about the incredible things that happen to me.

On October 1, 2018 ( In a totally sarcastic voice) I had the pleasure of finding out that my 16 year old daughter was 9 weeks pregnant. I wasn’t exactly doing the happy dance but it’s here and we will support her and love them both. There’s no point in being upset so I am going to be grateful for this beautiful blessing. After all, no baby is ever a mistake in my belief. There’s no better way to prove that this child is supposed to be here than the following experience.

After 16’s 12 week check up, we were driving home from her doctors appointment and we went past the one thrift store in this city. As we drove past, with a quick glance, I spotted a beautiful baby cradle and decided to go back and look at it as obviously we we’re going to need one. As we pulled up, I saw something that was very familiar but couldn’t believe it. Instead of looking at it right away, I went in and talked to the owner.

I asked her some questions like,” Is that cradle held by industrial hooks eyes? Also, is there one gold screw holding the bottom of the cradle to the frame so it won’t rock?” She whipped around and asked “Why? Didn’t you look at it?” I told her no, I hadn’t because I had to know if I was right and I wanted to purchase it either way. Essentially sight unseen because I was going to be a grandma. Then I shared the following with her.

“That cradle was built by my first husband at a woodworking shop he worked for in 1995.” She interrupted me and asked how I could possibly know that. As she had no clue about it’s history. I continued on saying, “The store they were supplying was going out of business and the shop employees were given the opportunity to purchase things at a huge discount.”

We had just begun considering adoption and I was in fact, still undecided but when I saw the cradle I fell in love with it. My husband told me we could get it as it was discounted to $300 from originally almost $1000. I laughed and said “what would we do with it?” He looked me dead in the eye and said, “Our baby is coming, trust me.” We purchased it and put it in the spare room. That cradle sat there for 4 years before I was actually ready to commit to adoption.

In 1999, we put our paperwork in and took all of the classes etc. We were ready to have a baby. The wait for us was extremely short. In October of 2000 a birth mother had chosen us and 3 days later, our son was born. He was perfect and beautiful but a very small. 4.5 pounds. When we took him home, my husband was afraid that he was going to get hurt because he was just so tiny so, he put industrial hooks and eyes on it so it would be strong and he put that gold wood screw in the bottom of the frame so it wouldn’t rock. I still laugh about that to this day.

In 2011, my youngest daughter had turned 2. I had remarried and we had a family of 11 in the house. I didn’t have room for any extras. I was really torn if I should store the cradle or not. At the time, I did a quarterly open house to those in the area who needed clothing or shoe items etc. and they could come take them no questions asked. It was a very productive program and well worth the work for the families I served in our community. By chance, about the time I was having the great cradle debate, a young mother asked me if I happened to have a bassinet or crib as she due in less than a month so I offered it to her. I had happily found a home for the cradle. It felt right. This young mother lived an hour away from me. I never saw or heard from her again until she called one day to say she had passed.it on. It was still being used by another in need who lived 2 hours from me. I laughed and said ” The traveling cradle. Will go where needed.” My heart smiled and I went on with life.

So, how did that cradle end up back at this thrift store at exactly the time I needed it? Amazingly, a new family had recently moved to our city. She no longer needed it so she donated it. That woman, was the first one I gave the cradle to. That thing was passed around over and again and still made it home. What are the odds on that?

So, for the second time, I purchased that cradle in fall of 2018 for a whopping $35 for my first grandchild. It came back in the same condition it left in, no scratches or damage. It was at that point it was confirmed that it was indeed this babies time. Again, my belief that everything happens for a reason in it’s time and place was right in front of me.

I also believe in karma. What you send out is what you get back. This is the extreme example. An irony that was dropped in my lap at the right time? Nope. It was sent back to me through karma and destiny. There’s no other way to explain it. Life is an incredible, beautiful thing full of miracles and surprises.

More Love. Less Hate. H

2 responses to “Hailees Daily Dose”

  1. Beautiful story. Happy you got the perfect cradle for your 1st grandbaby….I know GOD will assure it spends many peaceful and restful time while using it .
    Life is funny sometimes. Love to you, your kids and your new upcoming grandchild ♡♡♡


    1. Life is amazing. It gave me you as a friend! ❤️


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