Hailees Daily Dose       I’m 50. So what?

In case you have not noticed, we are not in the 1940’s any longer. We have evolved as women into the modern age. Who knew??? 

The other day, I was chastised for not dressing my age.  First, If you don’t like it, turn your head the other way because I didn’t ask for your closed minded opinion. 

 Second, Most days I don’t look my age so bite me. If I am feeling mini skirts, leather or a Gothic look, you can bet your ass that’s what I will wear that day.

Third, no matter what I am wearing, not one person has the right to judge me, make ridiculous comments, or put your hands on me.  So, Keep that shit to yourself and we’ll be just fine.

I refuse to get old before I have to. Some people need to learn to live a little. Age shouldn’t have rules. We only get one life. We’re supposed to live and learn. Love unconditionally. Make mistakes. Change the world. Enjoy our families and be grateful for all that we have. I don’t care what religion you are or what you think you know. These are the basics of life.

I still have 10 years before I skydive, cliff dive and become a stripper for extra cash. I like to hike, run and ride skateboards. Going through Walmart is always fun. So much fun in fact, I was kicked out for knocking over a display. I turn the music up and drive fast in an old lifted Chevy. I like being silly and acting goofy with my kids. I like slides and swings at the park no matter how tall I am. I like beach parties in the winter, being tan and wearing short shorts. ( I still have killer legs) I like smiling and waving at people because I can. I wear backward baseball caps and football jerseys. Some days, I like to go to the theater and pretend to throw popcorn and watch pissy peeps looking for any evidence. My point is, does any of this sound lazy and boring? I think not. Does it sound like a kid? Yep. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Society can kiss my hippie, peace lov ing, rock n roll, headbanging ass. I spent my young life growing up too soon. I waited too long to start my family. I have no time for getting old. Neither do you. Step down a few notches and enjoy life. Wear 

the short skirts, be really rebellious and skip church or walk in to an important meeting in shorts and a T-shirt. Ride skateboards with your kids. Have fun in the sun, throw some water balloons at the neighbors. Ring a doorbell and run. Enjoy this amazing, beautiful life before it passes you up. Age is a number. We’re only as old as we feel. I am going to continue doing everything I want because I am 50 and shouldn’t. So what? 

More Love. Less Hate.  H

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