Hailees Daily Dose

This morning I was reminded of an incident happened a few years ago. I’m jumping on the soapbox again, but I felt really strong that these words needed to heard today by someone struggling. On that note, off to preaching.

Anyone who knows me at personal level knows that I love art. I really have a thing for fantasy art and it shows in my surroundings. There is a collection of very expensive, beautiful dragons that sit up on the shelf. They don’t belong to me but my husband, who is also a lover of the same things. He had them long before we ever got married and have always been on display bunched up in their cluster of what looks like a cluttered old shelf. Some of the most beautiful pieces that exist sit there. One day I was cleaning and decided to dust off those dragons. That didn’t turn out so well. As I got to the very last one, the most expensive piece of course, I caught the tail of the dragon and snapped the end of the tail right off. I instantly went into panic and meltdown. I just devalued a $1000 piece of art to worthless. I was angry and appalled that had happened by my own hand. Now, I had to break the news to my husband which I most definitely wasn’t looking forward to doing. I sat for a good part of the afternoon kicking myself over ruining this dragon. You wouldn’t even know it was broken by looking at it but I knew it. I beat myself up for a long time over this incident.

This morning when that memory popped back into my mind, I couldn’t help but compare it to thoughts about myself and so many others. We are born into this world beautiful, invaluable, untouched masterpieces. Blank canvases, to be painted in as we go. Along the way, some of us run into spots of our painting that look like a childs scribbled, messy blob laying in the middle of the page only to be deciphered by the artist themselves. Those moments create cracks or flaws in our perfect vision. We beat ourselves up over those tiny, little, unseen things. We know they are there and we’re sure that rest of the world can see them, but in reality nobody knows they exist.

We tend to put value on ourselves and reduce the price with every flaw, adding even more of a discount. Why? We are the same beautiful creation that we started as. Sure, we have things that have added some dark color to our canvas but we survived. We rose up and went forward. Maybe our paths haven’t been easy, but look at all the color we have brought to others just by being ourselves! We tear ourselves down while lifting others up, we’re the least judgemental people alive yet, we cast stones at ourselves. We think because our thoughts and feelings aren’t “normal” the only way to sell ourselves is to lower our value. What a sad thinking error on our part.

We could be perfectly perfect on the outside, maybe lose some weight, not talk like a sailor, have pristine homes, no flaws to be seen but, when do we draw the line and demand respect and love from ourselves just the way we are? We’re all too human but we don’t have to be a doormat. It takes a village to raise a child. On the flip side of that statement, it takes a lifetime to raise and accept ourselves. We need to remember that our flaws don’t decrease our value, wants or needs. In fact, in my opinion, those little cracks increase our value ten fold.

Without our experiences we would have no color or value. We would have nothing to teach others so they can grow, no way of helping another relate and realize they are not alone. We couldn’t teach our children what it means to be good, kind, decent humans. We would have nothing to improve on….then what would we have?

It’s ok to not be ok. It’s ok to dream and want acceptance. It’s ok to work on improving ourselves but we need to quit devaluing our incredible beauty. Our little slice of art we contribute to life. I have no intention of auctioning off my beautiful mind to the lowest bidder. I have so much more to contribute to this life. I have many hands to extend out and help up, lives to affect by saying “hey, I get it.” I will not reduce my value because of my short comings or personal flaws. Neither should you. We are indeed the masterpieces we started as, we just need to change the lighting a little to appreciate the full beauty before us.

Be your own best advocate not the enemy. You deserve to be and are invaluable. You are an amazing, beautiful human whose value needs to be acknowledged by the artist.

More Love. Less Hate. H

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