Hailees Daily Dose

Well, well. I’m still around, not really missing in action. It’s been a rough road for several months and I didn’t want my personal life to spill out all over the pages of my writing. Time to catch up again.

I have openly talked about all of my traumas, From learning to disassociate to the anxiety and blunt force trauma, major depressive disorder, eating disorders, self harm, ptsd and borderline personality disorder. Not great table talk but it’s what I live every day.

All of these things create who I am. I won’t apologize but I will continue to learn how to be part of life again. I will find myself – in time. In the meantime, on the days that I am all together, I will love life, people and continue to believe that most people are genuinely good. I will see the beauty that surrounds us and be a voice for those who can’t be their own.

I will make use of my own internal power and fight to stay here. Not give in or up. I will note daily that I am perfectly imperfect and that’s ok. I am not unimportant, worthless or unlovable. I am simply, perfectly me. Just as each of you are in your own right. Be proud. Be powerful. Be perfectly you.

We don’t have to comply with what society dictates. Be rebellious as hell. Forge your own paths. Wear what you want. Associate with who you want. Remember if you aren’t loving your life, you have the ultimate power to change it. Money can’t buy piece of mind. I find solace in just having my needs met. The rest is an adventure.

More Love. Less Hate. H

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