Hailees Daily Dose Way to go Utah

Utah has the privilege of being dead last in mental health care, has one of the highest suicide rates in the nation ( especially in men), unjust workforce pay difference between and women, we have one of the highest rates of prescription anti depressants for women and there has been no minimum wage increase since 2009 and we are not listed as raising it this year.

I’m guessing we also have more kids per household than most states. How in the hell are my children supposed to raise their children on 7.25 per hour? Formula is $17-$35 per can. Pretty average but you add in diapers and other necessities and there is no money for rent or other necessities. It’s no wonder there are so many who need assistance. The programs for assistance are getting tighter and more unavailable. How are we supposed to teach our children to be self sufficient without sterilizing everyone which would never happen especially in Utah because of the dominant religion that exists here? One pro to the minimum wage thing is at least we’re not at $5.15 like Wyoming. Unreal. Housing costs are pretty reasonable although, property values are rising with less affordable places to live coming available.

We’re growing very fast. One of my biggest concerns is we also have more stay at home mothers so our men are working 2 jobs to support their families as while trying to save face and be good husbands and fathers. The pressure on men is unreal especially when the stereotype is you’re a failure if you don’t support your own or need help. No wonder our suicide rate is so high in our men.

Another bitch I have is in Utah there is very little separation between church and state. You can’t even buy beer on Sunday through out alot of the state. Some areas of Utah are worse than others as far as separation between state and church. Some cities literally schedule school activities around religious events. We’re just so closed minded and protected here compared to anywhere else in our nation. I’m genuinely concerned that if my children were ever to leave Utah, they’d be in for a rude awaking.

Don’t get me wrong, I love living in Utah. It’s a beautiful place but we certainly have some sideways thinking here. H

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