New Years                     “Unresolutions”

While watching social media and speaking with friends I hear everyone going on the New Year resolution kick. I don’t do N.Y. resolutions because that personally sets me up for failure. I make more progress doing the small things. This year I have decided to do an “unresolution” resolution as I have made too many in the past that have only helped sink me.

I am going to quit putting such high expectations and being so hard on myself.

I’m going to quit worrying about the things I cannot control.

I’m going to quit worrying about being perfect. I’m great the way I am. Learning and practicing self acceptance are the right path to follow.

I’m going to quit pounding negatives into my own head. I deserve better.

I’m going to quit saying I can’t and focus on the things I CAN do.

I’m going to quit resorting to beliefs in things that are untrue about myself. I’m not too old. I have alot of life left to live. I am only as old as I feel internally. I am beautiful inside and out. I deserve to be treated like a queen. I preach it all of the time. Time to take my own advice.

I’m going to quit taking things for granted. Live like it’s my last day everyday. Taking away my jumping to conclusions, getting defensive and shutting down.

I’m going to quit letting the past dictate my now. Good people have bad things happen to them time I accept that.

I’m going to stop owning things that aren’t mine to own or carry.

At the end of the list which could go on for days, I am resolving to undo all of the ugly and negatives in my life that I have allowed to take control. On that note, no resolutions for me. I will continue to work on these things daily as I already am. No added pressure or unreal expectations.

Happy New Year to each of you. May the year be good to you. I hope you are happy and healthy internally and externally. I hope you will be successful in your goals.

Spread kindness and love. The world needs alot more of it. More Love. Less Hate. H

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