Hailees Daily Dose Change is here

The last several weeks I have done a lot of soul searching and made some major decisions to change the things in my life. This has nothing to do with new years resolutions. Timing could imply otherwise but these things have been in progress for a while now. I just haven’t pushed myself into doing them. The time has come to put things in motion instead of thinking they are possibilities or “someday” solutions.

I am no longer willing to be made to feel “less than” at any level.

I will allow myself to be vulnerable and put myself back into the world unfiltered and raw. Leaving myself open to real feelings and emotion internally.

No more instant walls going up. I will not jump to conclusions or stereotype people because of my past. The past is behind me. It cannot continue to do damage unless I allow it.

I will live everyday in the now and work through things that may set me back instead of hiding from life.

I will not worry about things that I cannot control. The universe will take care of that in time. I will acknowledge the issue and move on.

I will allow people to love me without questioning their intentions. I no longer want to feel lonely and alone for self preservation.

I will not give up things that are important to me. They are my things to own if I so choose.

I will dictate how I feel, think and act. Not another. I’m taking back what others took from me.

I will continue to give myself credit for the small wins not put myself down for not being enough.

I will no longer look over my shoulder or behind me. I’m holding my head high and celebrating my strengths not weaknesses.

I’m locking those monsters in an unreachable place. Not to avoid them but because I will not let them get into my mind.

I am going to keep going to the places that me feel safe. The places where I can be with people that make me happy and enjoy life.

I’m done existing not living.

More Love. Less Hate. H

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