Hailees Daily Dose Stepping up on my Soapbox

This isn’t what I planned to write today but it’s what is flowing out so I’m going there.

Life. It’s a crazy roller coaster ride. We spend so much time being negative or caught up in others things that we forget about all of the small stuff that is so important and makes us whole. We forget to live like everyday may be our last. We forget about giving others a hand up. When things get hard or we fall, sometimes our answer is to quit. Walk away and move on. We have to stop that thinking and remember that every day we wake up is another chance to  start again. Be better than the day before.

Personally I am all too human and am guilty of all of the above at times. This isn’t about the death of friends or family. What I am talking about is the way we slowly rob ourselves of precious time and so many great experiences. During my life I have had those experiences that cannot ever be replaced. I have served others and given back. I have also had that hand up. On the other hand, wow the time I have wasted.

I really have no regret about anything in my life because every bit of it has created who I am today but I would have moved things on faster in some cases. I knew the answers but I kept holding on which caused me valuable time. I didn’t expect life to go this way but realistically does any young person think that far ahead? I didn’t. I never even thought about the coming week or month let alone the next year. I did with small goals but I never once stopped to think that tomorrow may never come. I was wreckless and careless with many things including people. I took advantage of everything that creates our life. Coulda, woulda, shoulda’s….We all have them.

It’s not too late to start doing these things. I mean, as long as we’re upright and breathing we have a another day and another chance to appreciate and love life to the fullest. I believe that sometime in everyone’s life we finally discover this. We can continue our way or we can step into change.  Have different thought patterns and attitudes. I have no more time to waste. I’ve said that many times but I have finally seen the sign that I have ignored for so long. Time to follow my own advice. Hopefully you will have this same heart to heart with yourselves. It’s one of those things that we are given and deserve but we rob ourselves of so many times.

I still plan on coming in skidding sideways until the end of my days. In fact, it’s time to step up the adventure. We only get one life why waste anymore of it?

More Love. Less Hate. H

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