Haikees Daily Dose Let’s talk about the LBGTQ community

This morning I shared an article about the LDS Church and it’s promise to ban conversion therapy with kids. You can’t take the “gay” out of a person with religion or therapy. I pointed out that regardless of opinion, everyone deserves support.

You don’t have agree with someones lifestyle, look etc. We are all unique and deserve equal respect. Period. A couple of points I need to make:

• As far as the children of LBGTQ parents being a concern that’s total bullshit. Those kids sexuality are not based on their parents sexuality. Everyone is born with their own.

•You can’t be recruited. It is what it is, these people are born this way. It is not a choice. It’s their genuine self. That should be understood and respected.

I’m going to go to a place that I have not heard anyone talk about anywhere. Not in social circles, social media or schools churches. Absolutely no where.

I can’t be quoted on the exact time but sometime in the last.18 months, research at either John’s Hopkins or Harvard Medical put out their findings after a very long study of people and biology of those who are LGBTQ.

Research has now PROVEN that this is not a choice. It is indeed a gene that is in the make up of a person’s DNA. It’s a proven fact. The research was published in the New England Journal of Medicine as well as other medical publications. The research is there. People need to get educated and update.

I have many I consider my family and friends, who are in the LGBTQ community that I care about. It’s not Contagious. It won’t rub off on you. It doesn’t make one a lesser person. In fact, I have some very successful, profesional friends who are self made. Ones sexuality doesn’t dictate their life. They come from all walks of life just like the rest of us. Their children will have their own sexuality period. They deserve to be accepted and loved for the beautiful human beings we each are in this life.

So, before you continue to be closed minded and judgemental, you need to get educated and understand the facts. You don’t have to agree with how they are made but remember, it is how they are born. Not a choice.

Stop the hate. We don’t need anymore. We need a hell of a lot more love, compassion and acceptance. Our world already has too much ugly in it. Be part of the solution. Not part of the problem.

More Love. Less Hate. H

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