Hailees Daily Dose So, What is Your Name? For my Social Media friends.

After many questions privately, I have a confession to make. It’s not that big of a deal, but I want to disclose that I am indeed myself not a fraud.  Not so long ago, a lot of people caught on to it because of a comment to me, where the person was using a different name other than Hailee. My real name is not Hailee. It has been legally changed to Hailee. My given name is Tisha (Tiesha) Marie. So you can call me either one you like and I will answer. 

There several factors that led to me changing my name. Things like being put in handcuffs at the courthouse (while filing a restraining order against a person) because you look like the ex-wife, the same person you’re filing against. We’re both built similar. We share the same initials and our birthdays are 2 days apart with only 1 number different in our birth years. True story. When I handed the clerk my papers, she somehow got the idea I was the filing papers against myself. Before I knew it, the baliff had me in cuffs because the ex was wanted on several warrants. That took an act of God and Congress to get straightened out but we finally got it cleared up.

Then there were the 2 hits put out on me. Yes 2 they are real. 1 professional hit put out on me the other from a disgruntled ex wife. The first stemming from own my colorful past and an ex ( who did try to kill me more than once) who was willing to put a big price on my head. The second was from the ex wife in the beginning of this post. She was an addict was trying to openly recruit someone to take me out. Ironically, I found out about that by going to the grocery store. There I stood in line when a lady walked up with her son and says he has something he needs to tell me. He was hesitant and I told him to spit it out. I didn’t care who was around. He proceeds to tell me that she (the ex wife) has offered an undisclosed amount of money along with drugs and sex to make me disappear. So, my idea of not caring who was listening was a little quick off of my tongue. I thought the cashier was going to pass out. What an awkward minute. The very next day, I was called by an off duty officer suggesting that I get a concealed carry permit because rumor had it there was a price for me. The police were watching her, but she was a threat to me. So I went got my CCP.

Along with some ” immediate family” issues I had enough. My husband had died, my life had been in constant chaos for a while. I decided to do a start over and it included changing my name. The past needed to stay behind me with the garbage. Although it wouldn’t change me internally, I thought it would be a good start to the whole starting over thing.

I was wrong and I have also continued to use both names. So there you go. I am Hailee Smith and I am Tisha Ross no big deceitful thing going on. Call me what you will. I will answer. 🙂


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