Beautiful Me

About 3 years ago, I did a beautiful me challenge where everyday you post a pic and a little something positive about yourself. It doesn’t have to be a lot, in fact if you just want share a pic that’s great. I want to see everyone just the way you are. Make-up, no make-up. It doesn’t matter. February is the month to celebrate you and all that you are, give yourself your own damn Valentine! I think you’re amazing and should show all that beautiful off. This isn’t just for ladies. You guys can join us too! You can call it whatever you want but please join us!

I know of someone was really depressed. She had gained some weight and hated her appearance. One day while mulling over her dilemma and what she was going to do about, she decided that she was going to look in the mirror every day and tell herself she was beautiful. She hated diets and her work schedule was very difficult. She used that as an excuse to not work out. So, a every day for one year the only change she made was telling herself she was beautiful. No diet or exercise. One year later, she had lost 68 pounds. I know her personally. I witnessed it over the past year. The mind is a powerful thing. We have the ability to make change that one would never believe. Let’s give it a shot. See you February 1. ♥️

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