Don’t Judge

I am going to share a little incident that recently happened to me. Mind you, I am one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I take pride in that I am not judgemental, I am empathic, caring and I try to give a hand up every time the chance arises. On the other hand, if you cross certain lines with me, you will see the ugliest side of me appear in an New York minute. I try to keep this contained but I have no tolerance for people with that built in asshole syndrome. We all have our days, but the ones with that perma shit have got to stop. There’s no need for it.  🙂

There I am waiting in line to pay for my items at the store. I feel someone walk up behind me. An older gentleman gets in line. I smile and acknowledge him then turn back around. All of the sudden out of the blue he says “You know, you’d be a really pretty lady if it weren’t for all of those tattoos on you.” It was instantly over. I smiled and replied in the nicest voice I have, “Well, you’re entitled to your opinion.” He just had to answer to that response (which should have been a signal for him to stop talking, but at his age he probably doesn’t have much of a filter anymore.) He went on, “I don’t get you guys. Especially you girls. You shouldn’t do that to your bodies. It’s not attractive at all.” I turned and asked him if he had any other things he wanted to say. His response once again was the wrong one. “I just thought you should know that you could be really pretty.”

I was done. I turned around, smiled and replied, “Do you know that every stone in this ring represents a person. There’s 8 of them. They’re all different colors. It looks really pretty but each of those stones actually represent a body buried in my back yard. They all made the mistake of stereotyping me too.”

I was wearing the mothers ring my kids bought me. I am not sure how I even reacted like that so fast but I did. I try to be nice and tolerant and understanding but some days, I am all too human. I let shit slip off of my tongue and think about it later. I should not have said those words but I did. I am not proud that I did but on the other side of that coin, it was pretty quick witted. 😂

People need to be careful with their words. We don’t mean to be the way we are or say things the way they come out sometimes but when you aren’t paying attention, it could lead to someone like me sharing one of my asshole moments. J.S. 😉

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